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Solo Exhibitions
October 11-November 16, 2019


Shari Wolf Boraz + Mary Gerakaris:
Borders of Consciousness: Dreaming in Color

E.N. Wennberg Gallery 

I “paint” with meticulous embroidery stitches, often without a plan, letting the imagery flow out of my subconscious, often resulting in Jungian dream type symbols. This process is meditative and evolves at its own pace, as my conscious self struggles to understand.    

Though my art is presented as two-dimensional wall art, I try to capture the 4th dimension of time, or the progression of time, rather than a snapshot.  A variety of embroidery stitches and color combinations are used, at times creating vibrating pointillist effects and/or nuanced colorations.

– Shari Wolf Boraz

I am intrigued by the details found in decaying buildings and rusting metal. My goal is to enlarge them into thought provoking abstractions that extract a question or strong emotion from the viewer. These are printed on aluminum with a satin finish. This gives a depth and luminescence to the image, somewhat like underpainting. In this exhibit my hope is to inspire a sense of mystery: of seeing the actual image, while questioning what it really is.

– Mary Gerakaris

Meet the Artists Gallery Talk
Saturday, October 19, 5pm

Although we work in differing media, our passion for color is a common bond in our art. To quote the art critic, Jerry Saltz: “Art is a link to a new vision and the vision itself. It is a realm where things that you don’t understand change your life.”

See Shari Wolf Boraz’s artwork here…

See Mary Gerakaris’s artwork here…


Evelyn R. Swett: Compost Compositions

Elizabeth Rowland Mayor Gallery 

What started as a simple celebration of color one summer afternoon evolved into a multiyear exploration of our compost heap. The pomegranates in winter, the apple peels in fall, and the egg shells year round became objects of fascination – – no longer mere kitchen scraps, they were celebrations of light, texture and the energy embodied in each piece of waste.

For me, they carry a powerful message not just about the foods we eat and throw away, but also about what it means to live in a healthy, democratic and diverse society. I think compost is like people and ideas, needing to be turned over once in a while, mixed up and mingled with others. There is power in the transformation of waste – – it gets me every time.


Front Porch Conversation:
Waste in Our Material World
Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 5pm

Join Lebanon Solid Waste Facility Manager Marc Morgan and exhibiting photographer Evelyn R. Swett as they facilitate an interactive and informal conversation about the stuff we use on a daily basis. Using actual artifacts, they will address questions like: Where does it come from? Where does it go? And do I really need it anyway? Marc and Lyn hope that participants will leave inspired to share what they have learned with others and to invite others into conversation about their stuff. 


Meet the Artist Gallery Talk
Friday, November 1, 5pm

To me, compost is a metaphor for just about everything. Creativity and climate action converge among the people, places and possessions I love, to inspire joy and new ways of being.

See Evelyn’s photographs here…


Martha Stein: A 40 Year Retrospective

Rebecca Lawrence & Clifford B. West Galleries 

Fiber sculpture artist Martha Stein’s work has been exhibited across the nation. Her commissions have appeared in dance performances and theatrical productions. Once a pariah of fine art genres, she has elevated fiber art to extreme levels of beauty, fantasy, and refinement. Stein’s important work is a testament to the unchained mind, and an inspiration for future generations of fine art fiber artists. This extraordinary exhibition spanning creations from 40 years of work is not to be missed.

Meet the Artist Gallery Talk
Friday, October 25, 5pm

Join Martha for an intimate discussion of her life’s work, methods, and the meaning behind her work. 

See Martha Stein’s artwork here…


Leah Stein: Dance Performance
Saturday, November 2, 2019, 2pm

Philadelphia choreographer and dancer, Leah Stein, envisions creating dances for unusual sites, presenting unique works for the stage, and developing collaborative relationships with diverse artists and communities. As Artistic Director of Leah Stein Dance Company, she has received numerous commissions, developed residency projects at schools and festivals and created several major dance pieces.

Exhibition generously sponsored by:

Members Gallery 
Aya Itagaki: Remembering Aya
October 18-November 16, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, October 18, 5-7pm

AVA Gallery and Art Center invites you to honor the late Aya Itagaki, a founding member of AVA and an accomplished artist trained in traditional Japanese calligraphy. Aya’s loving spirit and boundless energy propelled AVA and many artists toward a bold and exciting future. All proceeds from the sale of Aya’s artwork benefit the Aya Itagaki Scholarship Fund, created to provide access to classes at AVA and the Okinawan Karate Academy. Complementary food and beverages will be served.


Free Kyudo (Way of the Bow) Demonstration by Ray Chin
South Studio, October 18, 6pm

Kyudo is an ancient form of Japanese archery.  It is also a meditation practice, and is often referred to as “Zen archery.”  Practicing kyudo involves focusing attention and calming one’s mind for precise drawing of the bow and releasing the arrow.  It is a path to opening one’s heart and mind to the natural dignity of being human, against the obstacles of ambition, doubt, and fear.  Thus, the true target is to understand ourselves.  “You do not practice kyudo to polish your form.  You practice kyudo to polish your heart,” Kanjuro Sendai, kyudo master.

First Shot
Saturday, October 19, 2019, 9am-4pm

Anyone interested in learning kyudo can sign up for “First Shot,” a daylong program that gives beginners an introduction to the Seven Coordinations (Shichido), the basic form of kyudo, as well as the meditation aspects. “First Shot” is required before one can practice regularly with other kyudokas (practitioners). Older teens and Adults are welcome to participate. Proceeds will go to the Aya Itagaki Scholarship Fund at AVA.

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Japanese Calligraphy: The Dancing Brush
Saturday, October 26, 2019, 10am-4pm

Taught by Ginger Armstrong, friend and student of Aya Itagaki, the reflective art of Japanese Calligraphy, or Shodou, teaches the meditative movement of the brush. We will begin with investigating the individual strokes that form the shapes and images of the art, and then use these to write some kanji (words) for universal concepts. You will pick a word that speaks to your heart and dance with it in an exploration of image and expression, taking home a scroll or plaque of your work that can be displayed.

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Lobby Artist of the Month: Margaret Dwyer
November 22-December 28

Opening Reception: Friday, November 22, 5-7pm


AVA watercolor instructor and studio tenant Margaret Dwyer will showcase her multi-media artwork in the Carter-Kelsey building lobby during the month of December. Join us for an opening reception on Friday, November 22, 5-7 pm. Complementary food and beverages will be provided. Free and open to all.


Holiday Exhibition and Open House
December 7-24, 2019

Active AVA members may now submit their work to the 2019 Holiday Exhibition! Members may submit up to two 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional artworks and up to three sets of multiple items. AVA’s Holiday Exhibition opens on December 7, and runs until December 24.
For questions about submissions to the Holiday Show, please call AVA at 603.448.3117 or email info@avagallery.org

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