Upcoming Exhibitions + Events

AVA’s galleries are quiet until our next exhibition opens on March 12, 2021. However, all artwork from our Artist Members is for sale through The Shop at AVA online store.

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January 22 – February 26
13th Annual High School (Virtual) Exhibition 


March 12 – April 16
Nat’l Women’s Month Sculptors

Stefania Urist (Rebecca Lawrence + Clifford B. West Galleries)

Heather Szczepiorkowski

Christine Hauck

Ellen Keene

Amanda Sisk


April 30-June 4
Solo Exhibitions

Torin Porter (Clifford B. West Gallery)
Torin Porter, Torn Shirt

Helen Schmidt (Rebecca Lawrence Gallery)

Helen SchmidtHelen Schmidt Helen Schmidt

Sage Lewis (E.N. Wennberg + Elizabeth Rowland Mayor Galleries)

Sage Lewis Sage Lewis  Sage Lewis


June 18-July 23
Solo Exhibitions – 2019 Summer Juried Exhibition Winners

Barbara Bartlett

Barbara Bartlett Barbara Bartlett Barbara Bartlett

Elizabeth D’Amico

Elizabeth DAmico Elizabeth DAmico Elizabeth DAmico

Jon Gilbert Fox

Jon Gilbert Fox Jon Gilbert Fox
Susan Osgood 

Susan Osgood Susan Osgood Susan Osgood


July 30-Aug 20

ELLIS Preparatory Academy Summer Residency (Rebecca Lawrence + Clifford B. West Galleries)

Bunny Harvey (E.N. Wennberg Gallery)

Laurie Sverdlove (Elizabeth Rowland Mayor Gallery)


Aug 27-Oct 1
Solo Exhibitions

Corky Wennberg (E. N. Wennberg Gallery)

Margaret Jacobs (Elizabeth Rowland Mayor Gallery)

Winkie Kelsey (Clifford B. West Gallery)

William Peabody (Clifford B. West Gallery)

Jay Singh (Rebecca Lawrence Gallery)


Oct 8- Nov 12
8 x One Critique Group

Kate Cone
Charles DuPuy
David Fisk
Jim Jordan
Rachel Jordan
Anne Cogbill Rose
Jonathan Rose
Joe Saginor


Nov 19-Dec 31
Holiday Exhibition + Sale