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Solo Exhibitions

September 6-October 2, 2019

Rosemary Conroy : Love At First Sight

Clifford B. West Gallery -“I’ve never put together what each of my encounters with these wild creatures have given me — some of it is just too hard to articulate. So instead, I painted this show. I did my best to capture their beauty and spirit as a way to express my love, respect, and wonder for them and to honor and thank them for being part of my experience, as well.

Each painting here has a paragraph recounting a bit of the story of how we met — which I hope you’ll find interesting. Each painting is literally embedded with my words of gratitude and prayers for each species — marks often obscured but definitely there. And each painting has a love song for a title— because that’s what each one is, really. I hope the show leaves you humming a happy tune and being grateful for all the wonderful encounters you’ve had with wild ones in your life.”

Mary Admasian: Marked

Elizabeth Rowland Mayor Gallery – Marked is a collection of small sculptures and assemblages made from reclaimed wood, barbed wire, rusted metal, gold wire, glass beads, acrylic paint, and graphite. Admasian composed the collection within a conceptual narrative prompted by how we mark trees with blue paint before they are cut, discarded, or used for building. Within these materials, she explores the actual barriers between objects—positions and connections—as well as the implicit boundaries of familial, political, and social covenants and conventions.

Rob Hitzig: Rough/Polished

Rebecca Lawrence Gallery –Rough/Polished is a collection of primarily new work that tells stories non-verbally through contrasting textures, odd shapes, and color. They express emotions, feelings, and experiences that are beyond words.

“When we see people, we capture a tiny fraction of who they are. We have no idea what they have been through and how they got to where they are. All that matters exists but can’t be represented with visibly identifiable objects. To me, colors and shapes feel like the best way to capture what is present but invisible. All of our personal history — events, plans, interactions — leave marks.” -Robert Hitzig

Pamela Tarbell: What Is On Your Balcony

E. N. Wennberg Gallery – Pamela R. Tarbell paints complex compositions with layers of colors in her oil paintings, creating a kaleidoscope affect to dazzle the eyes. “When visiting Spain last year I became fascinated with the beautiful balconies on the old buildings from Barcelona, City of Olot, and medieval villages. The colors, architectural design, wood carvings, and tile work on numerous structures were visually stimulating. I took a multitude of photographs, and when home, rearranged the images into unique balconies with lots of colorful flowers and design patterns.”

Meet the Artist: Rosemary Conroy

Love at First Sight

Thursday, September 19, 5:30pm

Clifford B. West Gallery
Join us for an entertaining evening with artist Rosemary Conroy, featured guest on Manchester’s WMUR-TV “New Hampshire Chronicle”, and co-host and writer of NH Public Radio’s “Something Wild” from 2001-2011.
“Each time my life has intersected with one of these beings, it changed the course of where I thought I was headed. Each time, it enriched my life in ways still unfolding. And each time, I can happily say, yes it was “love at first sight.”
-Rosemary Conroy

Members Gallery + Carter-Kelsey Building Lobby
Laura Boyajian: Body of Work – An Exhibition to Benefit AVA

September 20-October 13, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, September 20, 5-7pm

Longtime AVA artist Laura Boyajian—known for her intensely expressive drawings and paintings—has generously donated her work to be sold for the benefit of AVA. Priced “to go,” this is a rare opportunity to obtain powerful works of art—of animals, nudes, portraits, religious subject matter—by a highly accomplished and cherished artist. It is also a way to honor Laura’s life work while she is able to appreciate how her generosity will benefit AVA.

Mary Admasian and Robert Hitzig

Meet the Artists: Mary Admasian + Rob Hitzig
Thursday, September 26, 2019, 6pm

Contrast and Connections – An open discussion with Mary Admasian and Rob Hitzig about how the two strive to create art with a sense of personal connection through abstraction. The discussion will also take the audience to a place in how they identify with abstract and conceptual artwork. Free and open to the public.

Solo Exhibitions
October 11-November 8, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, October 11, 5-7pm

Martha Stein: A 40 Year Retrospective

Rebecca Lawrence & Clifford B. West Galleries 

Meet the Artists: Friday, October 25, 5pm

Shari Wolf Boraz + Mary Gerakaris: Borders of Consciousness; Dreaming in Color

E.N. Wennberg Gallery 

Meet the Artists: Saturday, October 19, 5pm
Evelyn Swett: Compost Compositions

Elizabeth Rowland Mayor Gallery 

Meet the Artists: Friday, November 1, 5pm

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Holiday Exhibition and Open House
December 7-24, 2019