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Most classes are for students 16 and older.
All welding classes are for students 18 and older.
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Evening Open Studios

Wednesdays, June 26-Aug 28

6-9 pm

open studio drawing

Drawing Open Studio

for Continuing and Advanced students

$225* / $25 per individual session

Weekly monitored life drawing sessions, without instruction, open to individuals of all levels of experience. 

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Expressive Portraiture in Oils or Acrylic

Tuesdays, June 25-Aug 13

5:30-8 pm

Gray Be Portrait oil Acrylic


for Beginning & Continuing students


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Aesthetic expression emerges as compositions in Oil or Acrylic evolve, and no matter how realistic, a painting needs to work at an abstract level. In this class you’ll be encouraged to balance your painting compositions in terms of abstract art elements on each layer of the painting - especially at the beginning and end of the process. Your compositions will evolve and be refined with contrasting color, tone, and line.  Beginning and more Advanced painters are welcome: Beginners will be given extra attention on the first day and beyond; Advanced artists will be encouraged to develop their visual ideas, improve technique, and to experiment with paint application. Students may choose to use either Oil or Acrylic paint. 

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Hand-building With Clay

Fridays, June 28-Aug 9 (6 sessions; no class July 19)

10 am-1 pm

clay hand-building ceramics


for Beginning & Continuing students

$380* / $75 Materials fee

Possibility comes to fruition as you and your hands learn how to move and manipulate clay without the use of a wheel. Hand-building means constructing with coils and slabs of clay, pinching and 'modeling'-- techniques used since antiquity in every corner of the earth. Both functional pieces and works of art will be ready to glaze and take home at the end of the session.  Each class starts with a demonstration and group time, then students may turn to individual work on independent projects, open to your own expression and whim. Spring is here! Bird baths, houses and feeders are popular items. Build boxes, trays and vases. You take it from there! Surface decoration will also be addressed, using slips and underglazes followed by finished glaze techniques. Open to all skill levels. Please bring a notebook dedicated to ceramics.Register Now

Introduction to Woodcarving and Whittling

Wednesdays, June 26-July 31

6-8 pm



for Beginning & Continuing students

$250* / $85 Materials Fee

This 6-week workshop will introduce you to woodcarving and carving safety. You'll make everything from wooden spoons to small animals while you learn basic techniques like stop cutpush cut, and draw cut. This is a great way to get both your hands and creative energies moving while learning something new.

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3D Printing

Tuesdays, July 2-30

5:30-7:30 pm

3d printing castle pollard

3D Printing

for Beginning & Continuing students

$210* / $30 Materials Fee

Learn how to use using 3D printing technology! In this class you'll draw in 3 dimensions on a computer, and learn how prepare and print to turn your models and drawings into physical objects! The class will survey a variety of 3D model creation and customization apps. You'll also learn techniques for getting good results from a 3D printer.Register Now

3D Printing

Saturday, July 20

10 am-2 pm

3d printing castle pollard

3D Printing

for Beginning & Continuing students

$80* / $15 Materials Fee

Learn how to use using 3D printing technology! In this class you'll draw in 3 dimensions on a computer, and learn how prepare and print to turn your models and drawings into physical objects! The one-day class will survey a variety of 3D model creation and customization apps. You'll also learn techniques for getting good results from a 3D printer.Register Now

Painting from Observation with Oils

Mondays, July 29-Aug 26

6-9 pm

mursal nazary painting


for Beginning & Continuing students


In this course you'll explore oil painting based on an observational approach. The class will begin with the fundamentals by looking at works of art from the history of observational painting. During class you'll focus on still life painting with oils, employing a range of tools and exploring how they relate to your subjects. While there will painting during class, the instructor will also talk about ways to paint at home in your own surroundings. 

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Intensive Figure Drawing

Saturday, August 17

10 am-4 pm

chalice mitchell figure drawing


for Beginning & Continuing Students


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Open to artists at all levels of experience, this day long workshop will start with quicker gesture drawings and lead up to several long poses. Working with a live model, the instructor will do short demos and provide instruction in gesture, proportion, and anatomy to help students study the human form and focus on the practice of seeing and drawing. 

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Painting Water with Watercolors

Sat-Sun, Aug 24-25

10 am-4 pm

robert obrien watercolor water painting


for Beginning & Continuing students


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In this workshop you'll learn how to paint water using in the watercolor medium, from rendering a simple reflective pond to a swift moving mountain stream and everything in between. You'll learn how to foreshorten and suggest a flat plane when painting a meandering river or a lake. Water provides the artist with an endless variety of interpretations given its reflective qualities, as well as its restlessness. The classes will start with a demonstration by the instructor followed by class painting. A critique will be offered at the end of the session. Reference photos will be provided and students are encouraged to bring their own as well.

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Inspire Your Creative Practice: Finding Wonder through Bewilderment 

Sat, Oct 5

4-5:30 pm


for Beginning & Continuing students


This workshop is intended to inspire the creative practice of both visual artists and writers. Writing begins in wonder. Wonder is demanding; it comes at a cost. It can be disorienting; it can be wounding. Perhaps, the term “bewilderment” better conveys the discomfort of the writing process. The poet Fanny Howe defines “bewilderment” as a loss of one’s sense of where one is. As Howe writes, “Bewilderment is an enchantment that follows a complete collapse of reference and reconcilability. It cracks open the dialectic and sees myriads all at once.” It is resolving the irresolvable. Howe quotes a Muslim prayer: “Lord, increase my bewilderment.”


After examining some poems by Polish and American poets and doing some writing, you'll attempt to arrive at your own formula made of clever and bewildered. Chrusciel will read poems on wonder and astonishment and do a collaborative poem as a group compiled off the list of astonishments the participants will compose. She will also do short prompt based on several poems read. The main objective will be to dwell in the present moment, find bliss and sparks of bewilderment based on the reading and writing and compose a poem together, as well as one poem individually (as a response to several prompts participants will choose from). 

This Workshop will be followed by some light snacks and a reading by Ewa at 5:30 pm. If they choose, workshop participants will also be able to share their own poems at the reading. 


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Zen Archery: A “First Shot” at Kyudo

Sat, Oct 19

9 am-4 pm



for Beginning & Continuing students

$100 regardless of membership

Kyudo 弓道means "the way of the bow" and is an ancient form of Japanese archery.  It is also a moving meditation practice, and is often referred to as “Zen archery.”  Practicing kyudo involves focusing attention and calming one’s mind for precise drawing of the bow and releasing the arrow.  It is a path to opening one's heart and mind to the natural dignity of being human, beyond the obstacles of ambition, doubt, and anger.  Hitting the target is not considered as important as coordinating body and heart/mind.  

Those interested in learning kyudo can sign up for "First Shot," a daylong program to be held at AVA. Adults and older teenagers are welcome up to a maximum of 10 participants. "First Shot" gives the beginner an introduction to the Seven Coordinations (Shichido), the basic form of kyudo, as well as the meditation aspects. "First Shot" is required before one can practice regularly with other kyudokas (practitioners). Tuition is $100 for instruction, use of equipment, and lunch.

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AVA Faculty

Derek Bell received his BFA in Painting in 2008 from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Painting and spent three of his years there as a Teaching Assistant. As a painter, Derek prefers landscape, portraiture, and animals, as well as an occasional still life. Since graduating from RISD, Derek has worked primarily in oils, watercolor, gouache, and more recently egg tempera.

Jennifer Brown began her art career at a young age making woodblock prints in her family kitchen. She majored in Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University and earned a degree in art and education from Vermont College as a parent and working adult. Most recently she has taken painting and printmaking workshops at Art New England in Bennington, VT, as well as continuing to study oil painting with painter, Peter Granucci. She uses watercolor and gouache to explore nature, landscapes, and figures in the landscape.

Cooper Dodds is a photographer and book artist living in Lebanon, New Hampshire. He received a BFA from Carleton College in 2013. His first monograph, Jumper: Flying in the Heartland, was published by Daylight Books in 2019. Cooper has a decade of experience working as a commercial photographer and he currently balances his time between commissions, personal work, and teaching.

Amber Geneva Erkiletian received her BFA at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago where she gained a passion for working in large-scale steel sculpture. Her curiosity about the range of materials available for sculpture caused her to pursue diverse fields that feed her professional development and her application of technical knowledge. Amber’s experience ranges from casting aluminum and bronze for art and industry to fine woodworking and fiberglass construction to refining microscopic precision components for the Mars mission. As an artist, Amber is drawn to the minute subtleties of expression in human body language. Her art practice uses welded steel and Pal Tiya Premium, a unique sculpting cement, to create chimerical animal sculptures for outdoor installation. As an independent art teacher, Amber considers it her mission to ensure that everyone who wants to make sculpture can, at any scale and for any environment. For more information about Amber, please visit her website.

Fred Faudie works out of his studio in Norwich, Vermont where he lives with his wife and teenage son who share his painting, photography, and design studio: SeeingMind. He has exhibited his drawings, prints, and paintings in numerous juried shows across the country, including having his work accepted to group and one-person exhibitions in Washington, D.C., Andover, Massachusetts, Boston, and New York City. He is a Professor Emeritus with the Art Department of the University of Massachusetts Lowell where he taught studio courses for thirty-four years. During his tenure there he taught basic, intermediate, and advanced studio courses, various art history courses, set up several analog darkrooms, and taught the first computer art course. He was a key player in developing their accredited B.A. and B.F.A. degrees. Fred Faudie holds an A.B. in Art History from Cornell University, an M.A. in painting from the University of Iowa; participated in post-graduate studies in photography at the University of Iowa, and holds an M.F.A. in Illustration from Syracuse University.

Nick Gaffney received his M.F.A. in Fine Arts/Photography from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, in 2002. Since then he has taught Photography, Studio Art, and Digital Media at various places. He has exhibited his photography throughout the country, including solo shows at AVA and the Vermont Center for Photography, in Brattleboro, VT. He is currently on the board of the Vermont Center for Photography and is also a member of the Lebanon Arts and Culture Commission. He lives in Lebanon with his wife, two daughters, and dog Ruby.

At the age of eight, Olivia Janna Genereaux took her first after-school art class painting. She learned to paint from life and to mix colors. She loved the control of building her world and found her place. She chose to attend Rhode Island School of Design, where she studied textiles and illustration, majored in painting, and graduated in 1986. Four decades later in 2014, she earned a Master’s Degree from Lesley University, College of Art and Design. Her love of art is a gift she gives to herself and shares with others every day.

Stephanie Gordon received her BFA from the University of Michigan. Stephanie taught art at Hanover High School for 18 years before retiring. She currently teaches community art classes for adults and teens. Stephanie has most recently been making encaustic paintings. She exhibits work locally and regionally and her art is in many private collections.

Joan Hoffmann paints impressionistic oil and watercolor landscapes and birds in plein air. She is dedicated to painting, teaching, and preserving the wild landscapes that she explores. Joan lectures on the History of American Landscape Painting, National Parks, Public Lands, and the Art of Landscape and teaches and exhibits her work in UT, CO, CA, and at her studio in South Royalton.

Mike Howat is a New Hampshire-based painter and printmaker. His work explores themes of urbanization, Americana, and collective memory. Since earning his B.F.A. from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2014, he has been actively engaged in the growing New England art scene. He exhibits regularly with Kelley Stelling Contemporary and Mill Brook Gallery & Sculpture Garden and has shown with Chase’s Garage, Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, and Nahcotta, among others. He is the current artist-in-residence at Kimball Jenkins School of Art, where he teaches classes and workshops in painting, printmaking, and drawing.

Michael Kraatz holds a BS in Art from the University of Wisconsin and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. He has been a roster artist with the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts for many years, completing numerous Arts in Education residencies in public schools. He works in 2-D and 3-D and is particularly known for his blown glass. Kraatz’s work has been shown nationally and regionally, including at AVA.

Maggie mayfly Kundtz Joseph: Visual artist; AVA studio tenant since 2013; AVA instructor.  Strives to nurture & empower young and old in the creative process.  Earned a BFA from the University of Michigan in painting & photography; Master’s in photography from Maine Media College.  Early life, worked in the gallery/ museum arena and NYC photography scene; Currently, immersed in art making and raising a family.  Created the artist persona, mayfly, to better embody the ideas of ephemerality and transformation in her art. Read more about Maggie mayfly Kundtz Joseph’s life and work here.

Sue Martin majored in art at a teacher training college in Ripon, Yorkshire, England. Currently retired as a classroom and reading teacher, she has time to rekindle and expand her artistic interests to include stained glass. She finds great delight in incorporating found objects into her work and she has exhibited her stained glass panels, in the Upper Valley.

Chris McGrody has been building custom furniture and handcrafted cabinetry professionally in his shop for 15 years. Before starting his shop, Chris worked for several years at a local furniture studio building high-end traditional Shaker furniture. While working there as a craftsman, he also ran the workshop program and taught week-long and weekend workshop courses. Chris also instructs regularly at the Dartmouth College Student Woodshop. Chris enjoys passing along his knowledge of woodworking through project-based classes.

Robert O’Brien received his BA from S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo and has worked in watercolor for 40 years. Since moving to Vermont in 1977, he has focused his work on the landscape and architecture of New England. He studied with James Whatford, Tony Couch, and Marshall Joyce. He is a member of many watercolor societies and has won numerous awards.

Tracy Penfield has a history with AVA going back to 1985. She exhibited her fiber art, taught and modeled at AVA until founding SafeArt in 2000, based in Chelsea VT, where she resides. She passed SafeArt on to the next generation in 2020 and has a private practice in trauma healing at the Center for Integrative Health in Hanover and in Chelsea. She is also a dancer and the Artistic Director of the Passing Project:     Kärin Rothwell became a student of clay under the tutelage of Karen Williamson at the Davidson Pottery at Dartmouth College in 1981, followed by post-grad classes at UNH and workshops at Haystack Mountain School in Maine and ‘Phoenix’ with Gerry Williams in Goffstown. Surrounded by the rich history of strong clay cultures while living in the Middle East, Holland, Spain, and Mexico in her early years led to her desire for personal exploration in the medium. Kärin was a teacher/trainer at Dartmouth for many years and began the children’s program at the League of NH Craftsmen in 1984.

Meredith Smith holds a BFA and MAT from the Rhode Island School of Design and did postgraduate study in costume and theater design at Brown University. She has worked as a costume and jewelry designer, college professor, and owner of a London-based clothing company. Meredith is a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen.

Teaching and Modeling at AVA

Modeling: If you are interested in modeling for art classes at AVA (clothed or unclothed), please contact our Education Manager, Nick Gaffney, at

Teaching: AVA is always interested in learning more about creative educational experiences for our community. If you are interested in teaching a workshop at AVA, please email

Financial Assistance

Legacies Live On

Thanks to the generosity of family and friends of prominent past AVA supporters, AVA is honored to offer financial assistance to mitigate the cost of classes and workshops.

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AVA Financial Assistance Fund

The AVA Financial Assistance Fund provides eligible individuals of all ages and abilities with tuition assistance in any of AVA’s art camps, educational workshops, or outreach programming. Funds donated for financial assistance but not specifically directed to the Al Quirk or Aya Itagaki funds are allocated to this fund. Click here to donate to the AVA Financial Assistance fund.

Al Quirk Financial Assistance Fund

The Alfred T. Quirk Senior Student Financial Assistance Fund was established to support seniors (60 and over) in their artistic endeavors. After his retirement from a thirty year career at Dartmouth College, Al Quirk began a new calling as a watercolor artist, taking classes at AVA and eventually serving on AVA’s Board of Directors. Recognizing the significance art and AVA played in Al’s later life, eligible seniors can apply for financial assistance for any AVA class or workshop.

Aya Itagaki Financial Assistance Fund

The Aya Itagaki Financial assistance Fund provides eligible individuals of all ages and abilities with tuition assistance at either AVA or the Okinawan Karate Academy. Aya was an AVA founding member, artist, teacher and AVA board member for over four decades. Her family established this fund to continue her legacy of support. Applicants may receive financial assistance toward classes at either AVA or the Okinawan Karate Academy.

All financial assistance funds help provide creative opportunities for those who would otherwise not be able to participate due to financial concerns. Contributions can be made to any of these funds by phone (603) 448-3117, online by clicking here, or by mail: AVA Gallery and Art Center, 11 Bank Street, Lebanon, NH 03766.