Maggie Kundtz Joseph

Senior Art Program Coordinator

Maggie mayfly Kundtz Joseph is a visual artist who has been an AVA studio tenant since 2013. As an AVA instructor since 2017, she values open-studio classes as an opportunity for people to experience joyful learning and creative self-expression. “As a teacher, being present and listening holds space for students to courageously reach-in and express what’s needed for their journey”. Creativity has the means of authentic discovery and transformation. By tapping into our inner-artist, we can heal and grow.
Maggie earned a BFA from the University of Michigan in painting & photography and her Master’s in photography from Maine Media College. She created the artist persona, mayfly, to better embody the ideas of ephemerality and transformation in her art. Read more about Maggie mayfly Kundtz Joseph’s life and work here (Artist profile by Tom Haushatler), and visit my artist members page.


Phone: 603-448-3117