AVA Gallery Appoints Mila Pinigin as Exhibition Manager

Lebanon, NH (August 25, 2017) AVA Gallery and Art Center (AVA) announced today that Mila Pinigin has been selected as Exhibition Manager. Ms. Pinigin will officially begin transitioning into the position part-time starting in midSeptember and will assume full-time responsibilities on November 1, 2017.

The announcement came jointly from AVA Gallery Board Chair H. Sloane Mayor and Executive Director Trip Anderson.

“We are elated to have Mila joining us at AVA,” said Mayor. “With her strong background in the arts and exhibitions, combined with her knowledge of the Upper Valley arts scene, we could not have been more fortunate. AVA has such an exciting future ahead, with sculptural programming rolling out in the Bente Building this fall, and new exhibition space in our members’ gallery, the strength of our team is as important as ever. Mila brings the skills to connect AVA with the community through exhibitions that use inventive applications of education, outreach and business associations.”



Fall 2012 Winter 2013 Brochure Coming Soon!

New Brochure on the Way!

AVA’s Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 brochure is now available throughout Lebanon and Hanover, NH, and White River Junction, VT. Please look where you regularly find print publications to find yours.

If you are on AVA’s mailing list, you should get your copy in your mailbox in the coming week.

If you are not on AVA’s mailing list, but would like to have a copy sent to your home – please email us.

Flock Dance Troupe

The cross influencing of one art form to another brings an added dimension by taking an idea further into a totally different experience–like a sequel to a story.  By relating movement and dance to these specific art works, a train of thought is created. The collecting of these particular works, starts with an idea of rebalance in our lives, showing possibilities, our need to deal with states of mind as we journey through loss, ending with our need to become present to our surroundings.

Artists have always been the witnesses of our times.  FLOCK is a conscious carrier of such intentions as their work embraces issues of social concern.  Langstaff believes that movement and gesture are strong purveyors of heart moving information and therefore a helpful way to instigate change.

For more information contact Carol Langstaff at (802)765-4454 or visit: www.flockdance.org.

AVA Wins 2 Owlies!

AVA Awarded Two Owlies!

AVA’s board and staff are please to announce that we were honored with two 2011 Owl Awards: Best Art Gallery and Best Art Education! 

We want to let everyone know how much we appreciate the opportunity to serve the Upper Valley and that we will continue to work as hard as we can for you. 

 We also wish to thank The Complete Hoot for all they do for the arts in our community!

Hurricane Irene

While we at AVA are thrilled to announce a number of new fall classes, exhibitions, and special programs, we are saddened to learn about the severe destruction that was caused by Irene, the tropical storm that recently raged through our region. We were among the fortunate, as our AVA building remained unharmed, but we are acutely aware that a number of our artists, members, and supporters have suffered damage to their spaces and properties. 

AVA’s fall program of classes begin the week of September 19. Therefore, during the first couple of weeks in September, several of our teaching studios are used less frequently than normally is the case. If your workspace has been affected by the recent storm, and you need a temporary place to work, or to meet, please contact us here at AVA, and we will do our utmost to provide a measure of relief  while repairs to the storm damage is being done.

Being able to engage in art experiences, whether through expressing yourself through the creative process, or to engage in the viewing of our exhibitions, may be particularly rewarding experiences during times of distress.

We welcome you to AVA!

Link to CERF (Craft Emergency Relief Fund and Artists’ Emergency Resources)