10″x 10″ Exhibition and Fundraiser Artists

This exhibition will run from March 25 – April 1 concurrently with AVA’s Annual Silent Auction. Panels can be viewed but not purchased until 6pm during AVA’s Silent Auction Party. Each panel is priced at $100 and all proceeds from the sale will go to AVA. Check out the progress at @avagallery_org.

To purchase tickets please call the office at 603.448.3117 or email info(at)avagallery(dot)org.


AVA's 10"x10" Exhibition and Fundraiser!

Panel #Artist NameWebsiteArtist InfoTitleMedia
1Jane Daviesjanedaviesstudios.comLoose Ends #9acrylic and collage on panel
2Jennifer Layinstagram: @ok321letsjennWe Awakenwatercolor, ink and iridescent medium
3Paulette Wergerwww.pjwerger.comWinter Bouquetencaustic and graphite
4Sheryl Trainorwww.sheryltrainor.comWorkin' Stiffmonoprint with stencil
5Wayne NieldPeriodically, the artist revisits the subject of his poem “The Scarer of Crows"
“What the Scarer of Crows knows …"
- w.nield, 2/22/17
Periodically, the artist revisits the subject of his poem
“The Scarer of Crows”
“Scarer of Crows knows corn grows in rows’n’rows no more in Father’s land where rows’n’rows of condos rose …”
(Excerpt) - @w. nield ‘85
6Murray NgoimaMuro por EL Muroacrylic on panel
7Maggie BurnettConeflowerscollage
8Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sinkwww.TatianaFineArts.com
Facebook: Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink
instagram: tatianafinearts
“Painting and drawing help me to reveal and understand who I am.” I can only hope that my paintings appeal to the “eye of the beholder”. Read MoreUntitled oil on panel
9Tom UrgoVineyard in Winter, Pienza, Italymixed media: pigment ink; rice paper; glue; oak; polyurethane
10Rich FedorchakI Could Have Danced All Nightassemblage
11Carrie Fradkinwww.carriefradkin.comAutumn is a Symphony of Permanence and Changepastel
12Cathy FinneganCathy has participated in numerous fundraising events, she's been a participant in two AVA juried shows and is an active member of the Vermont Watercolor Society.Untitledwatercolor and mixed-media
13Lucy McLellanLittle Cowwatercolor/acrylic
14John Kenyonwww.kenyoncollection.comAs a Portrait Artist my goal is to capture true likeness which comes from what is below the surface; what has been captured in our hearts, not simply from what is presented outwardly to the world.President Obama Portraitoil on panel
15Kate Emlenkateemlen.comSpring Awakeningoil on panel
16Chris HendersonNew England Landscapeacrylic
17Deb SteeleHavenacrylic and mixed-media collage
18Stephanie ReiningerPoppies x 9watercolor
19Liliana ParadisoHere's Lookin' at You Kidoil
20Aline OrdmanUntitledoil on panel
21Marina BarryBetween the Lineswatercolor
22Linda BryanWanderingblack and white photograph
23Jane BoothAll About Treesphotograph
24Chris EstenUntitledcyanotype
25Robert Chapla2 Bovines Restingoil on panel
26Kirsten MurchErraticsacrylic
27Carol KraussAfterphoto-encaustic
28Fredric NeuwirthAfter Turneroil
29Betsy MurrayMoon Surfingacrylic
30Derek BellThe Heifer Barnoil and colored pencil on panel
31Linda Wilsonwww.lindawilsonstudio.comGlow Iacrylic
32Katherine FisherMorning Mistoil on panel
33Elizabeth MayorThe Relativeswoodcut, ed.4
34Frank GouldWatercolor Explosionwatercolor
35IB BellewThe Birth of Noiseoil
36Laura Gravelinewww.lauragraveline.comThe art works I create are inspired by the emotions evoked by color and the joy of mark making. I’m captivated by the ways color and light interact and how line creates form and shape. First BlushEncaustic
37Becky CookFacebook: Becky CookUntitledoil on panel
38Amy Fortieramyfortier.comTortugaacrylic medium and acrylic paint
39Lela Keen JaacksTwiggedwood
40Emily BattlesPetroleum Petalsacrylic and credit card
41Mt. Lebanon 1st GradeThrough a Child's Eyes; 100 Pieces of Peacecolored pencil and cardstock
42Nance DriscollLittle Red at Restoil on panel
43Chris RollinsGuitar Playeracrylic
44Carole Kitchel BellewHell of a Ridestonedust and acrylic
45Joe Cartonjcarton.cominstagram.com/jcartonart


untitledacrylic on canvas
46Evelyn RobertsApples pastel
47Martia Reed SmithUntitledoil on panel
48Barbara Cieslickiwww.barbaracieslicki.comCrowdsourcingmixed-media
49Coralea WennbergUntitledacrylic and pencil
50Charlet DavenportFrom Mud and Light #5clay and mixed-media
51Roger Goldenbergwww.rgpaints.comSummer Songoil paint and thread
52Justin O'Rourkeinstagram: @justinofsteelFusioncharcoal and paper
53Margaret Jacobsmargaretjacobs.comChaos Theorysilver and powdercoated brass/steel; neckpiece and ring set
54Rachel GoldenbergBedazzledmixed-media
55Eric SchallerThe Company of Wolvesgraphite, ink, watercolor, pencil and wax
56Linda RoeschUntitledwatercolor
57Julie AssmusUntitledphotograph
58Elizabeth D'Amicowww.elizabethdamico.comOften my art addresses nature and climate change. I am a mixed media artist with a focus on printmaking, painting, collage, box assemblages and found object sculptures.
Read More
Winter Skyoil on panel
59Gaal Shepherdgaalshepherd.comBracketoil painting
60Althea GoundreyCanadian Fenceoil and wood
61Robyn Whitney Faircloughwww.robynwfairclough.comThen There Were Twoink on paper
62Kate MoreI live in Sharon, VT with my husband. During childhood in Milton, MA, I rode horses in the Blue Hills Reservation, took care of a flock of hens, and drew cartoons of school and family life. I graduated from Vassar College in 1953. I am working on a story about my youthful experiences, which I'll illustrate. When not painting pictures, I walk in Pine Park or sail on Mascoma Lake. During August, we are in Maine, with our three children and a few grand-kids.West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, Maineoil on panel
63Susan K. Johnsonsusankjohnson.comIs the Sky Still Up?alcohol ink, colored pencil, sharpies
64Donald L. HaynesUntitledacrylic
65Mary MeadBlack Zinniaink
66Carla KimballRead HereMarie's Worldphotograph
67Yvonne Shukovskyshukovskyart.comSurfs Upmixed-media
68Melanie Ditzelapres de valenciennesoil
69Tom Bordenlocal artistEasteroil on board
70Ellen HoffmanAdriftacrylic
71Christine R. HawkinsLiving with nature on the Connecticut River has influenced my style of paint. I create forms in space with a harmony of colors and subtleties of detail.Emergenceoil on panel
72Greg Gormana Gridoil on panel
73Allison ZitoRead HereHidden Treasures in Plain Sight #1, from the Hidden Treasures Seriesacrylic
74Carol LippmanWest Hills- East Sidedrawing, relief roll, solarplate etching
75Anna GrallertAre you a good witch or a bad witch?pen and watercolor
76John Kemp LeeHelgacopper, wood and chicken egg
77Abagail Barman"My art stems from an imaginative and emotional place. I use colors, textures, and shapes to express feelings and concepts. Some of my work is a personal narrative but I like works that create conversations about larger issues best."International Women's dayoil
78Vickie HerzbergAVA Series IVmonotype
79Richard DeMarleDick, originally from Syracuse, New York attended Cornell University and Stanford University. After a career in manufacturing he retired in 2005. READ MORENight SailAcrylic paint / mixed media
80Marlis DunnTrinityacrylic
81Wendy Briggs Powellwendybriggspowell.comFor the past few years, I have been developing a process of working with dyed water to create images that I call watermarks. I saturate paper for varying lengths of time in different-sized and shaped containers to elicit different kinds of marks and effects. READ MOREIntersecting Waveswatermark on paper
82Margaret Lampe KannenstineFacebook: Margaret Lampe KannenstineMargaret presents a collage created out of her own old works on paper specially made for AVA.Winter Moonrisecollage on panel
83Marjorie MerenaYes, The "I" Is Missingsynthetic paper
84Maggie Kundtz JosephFan-Seeassemblage, mixed-media
85Alison PalizzoloWebsite: https://artbyapalizzolo.blogspot.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artbyalisonpalizzolo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artbyapalizzolo
Color is to vision as words are to speech. In my work I am searching for what color theorist Josef Albers described as the “magic of color.” I am investigating how colors communicate on a two-dimensional surface as well as how texture, movement, composition, and scale, may or may not, influence the way color is perceived.Blue Undertonesacrylics mixed with ceramic stucco and iridescent medium on panel.
86Sheri Tomek Untitledcollagraph
87Chad EttingUntitled acrylic paint
88Sally WellbornNest Boxcollage
89Toby Bartles"Hatum Rumiyoc" (Twelve Sided Stone)mixed-media
90Robin WeisburgerWild Cove Sunsetacrylic
91Ian SwordyVT 17collage
92William B. Hoytwww.wmbhoyt.comTomatoe Canoil on panel
93Jane Ashleyjaneashleyfineart.comCrowacrylic on panel
94Maggie BurnettSwirlcollage
95Debra KraemerNine New Planetsencaustic, oil sticks, walnut ink, carbon
96Sue SchillerUntitledConstruction Using Several Etched Prints
97Jennifer Rickardswww.threebyfive.orgPenmanshipacrylic
98Mila Pinigin and Ruslan PiniginThe Bach Universeacrylic paint, oil paint, paper, glue
99Alicia ZBehlikReleased/Reattachencaustic, copper foil, oil/acrylic, floss, paper
100Susannah Colbywww.susannahcolbyfineart.comSusannah is a working artist in Sharon, Vermont. Much of her inspiration is pulled from her love of hiking and trail running.Dahliaacrylic