Outdoor sculpture featuring Nira Granott Fox, Bruce Hathaway, Blaze Konefal

Outdoor Sculpture Tour | Saturday, August 20, 3-4 PM | click here for more info

Nira Granott Fox, Bio

Nira lives in Vermont. She grew up in Israel and came to Boston for her graduate studies (Ed.M, at Harvard) and Ph.D (at MIT Media Lab). From an early age Nira had a proclivity for arts. She started doing photography at an early age and took courses in arts. Her professional career took her on other paths, but after her retirement she returned to her passion for arts. She took painting courses, painted, did photography, and started making sculptures. She participated in exhibits, mainly in Artistree (VT), AVA (NH), Sculpturefest (Woodstock, VT) and in King Farm’s Lab Art,

(Woodstock, VT). At AVA she won an award in 2015 and had a solo exhibit the following year. In Sculpturefest, she was a featured artist in 2020 and 2021 and her work was featured in the Vermont Standard. Her sculptures have been exhibited last year at the Historical Society front in Woodstock center, and are in private collections.

Nira Granott Fox, Artist Statement

As a sculptor, photographer, and painter, I work with different media.  Therefore, I like to use in each medium the unique attributes that the other media do not have. My sculptures are made of long, tough, straight, factory-manufactured aluminum planks. These are molded into seemingly-soft, rounded S-shapes. The sculptures are usually about 6’ tall and are designed to be set outside in nature. The shapes of the planks are similar to the rounded hills-and-mountain-tops in these areas. The bright aluminum highlights the sculpture within a garden context. On the other hand, the sculpture is harmonious with the shapes of its natural environment. I try to create the illusion of movement in the still sculptures in a few ways. One, by the composition the planks create in their interaction with each other. Two, the rounded shapes in the sculpture reflect the sunlight and the shadows, which noticeably move along the sculpture planks during the day. Similarly, at night they reflect the moving moonlight. Third, as viewers walk around the sculpture, the composition changes: the different angles show different compositions and perceived movement. The theme of each sculpture influences the way the different planks interact with each other, yet in all my sculptures I try to give an uplifting and joyful feeling. The sculpture “Together” conveys the aspiration for living together in peace, harmony, and well-being. Being together does not imply sameness: there are differences among individuals. Yet there can be coherence, acceptance, and cooperation among them, creating harmony together.

Blaze Konefal, Bio

Blaze Konefal graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in mathematics. Retirement has given him time to make dynamic sculpture, build disc golf courses, practice tongue drumming, and manage a Pilates Studio. After 24 tense years in Information Technology, he searches out and creates whimsey and wonder.  My creations have appeared at the Chichester NH Library, Meredith NH Sculpture Walk, and Art on Main in Concord, NH. Current exhibits are at: The Fells in Newfield, NH., the Franconia NH Artwalk, Woodstock Vt Historical Society and Sculpturefest in Woodstock, Vt. Future exhibits are at Pinegree School in South Hamilton Ma., and AVA Gallery in Lebanon, NH.

Blaze Konefal, Artist Statement

Mirror, Mirror:  Wind transforms into myriad reflections in a flow of dynamic color and soft rustling sounds. Patterns emerge, then transform into fractured images.

Dandelion Seed: Dandelion Seeds are whimsical. They are ready to dissolve and float away into space with a gentle puff, as if golf balls could float!

Bruce Hathaway, Bio

With a background in metalwork of more than 48 years, I turned my attention to sculptures in 1999. Working primarily with stainless steel and aluminum, my sculptures are held in both private and public collections from Maine to California.

I have exhibited extensively in Northeast as well as in Ohio and Michigan, having participated in over 150 exhibitions in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Ohio and Michigan. Most recently I completed three commissions for sculptures on public buildings.

The featured artist at Sculpture Fest 2014/15 in Woodstock, Vermont, I am a member of the New England Sculptors Association and am represented by the L’Attitude gallery in Boston as well as galleries in Vermont.

Bruce Hathaway, Artist Statement

In general, I would characterize my work as being organic. Meditation on the curved line and expressing motion in a static sculpture constitute the major themes of my work. Mainly centered around the celebration and affirmation of life, my works also explore unity through balance, the symmetry of uneven numbers and the interplay of pure lines.

My work is intuitive and springs from my observation of the natural world which my sculptures reflect and amplify.