MUMOS Dance Residency

MUMOS Dance Residency, April 10- April 25, 2021

Bound World Premiere Poster

Saturday 10th – 2 pm & 5 pm – Our Gift to the World and Are We?
Sunday 11th – 2 pm & 4 pm – Our Gift to the World and Are We?
Friday 16th – 6 pm – Our Gift to the World and Are We?
Saturday 17th – 2 pm & 5 pm – BOUND WORLD PREMIERE
Sunday 18th – 2 pm & 4 pm – BOUND
Friday 23rd – 6 pm – BOUND
Saturday 24th – 2 pm & 5 pm – BOUND
Sunday 25th – 2 & 4 pm – BOUND

Thanks to generous funding from the Clifford B. West Memorial fund, AVA Gallery and Art Center, located at 11 Bank Street in Lebanon, NH is proud to support a three-week residency for MUMOS company members Nicolas Fiery and Sofia Forero. Fiery and Forero, both dancers, choreographers, and artistic directors, made a pledge to themselves and the dance community to continue choreographing and performing in whatever fashion possible throughout the pandemic. As a result, they have been traveling, choreographing, and performing in galleries with space suitable to rehearse and perform. They will be rehearsing at AVA Gallery and Art Center in the Clifford B. West and Rebecca Lawrence galleries throughout April and will present a series of free performances for the public on the weekends.

Because visual artists have been able to safely continue their often-solitary work during the pandemic, but dancers have yet to receive approval to perform in theaters, AVA found it fitting to devote our beautiful gallery space and resources to cultivate “an openness of space and mind to inspire, nurture, and showcase the artistic spirit,” in keeping with our mission to support all the arts. Performances are free and open to the public for viewing through the windows of the gallery (from outside) provided masks are worn and social distancing is practiced.

BOUND (2021)
BOUND is a piece that reflects the journey of two individuals in the quest for mental freedom while being locked down between the four walls of their apartments. Choreographed by Nicolas Fiery, in collaboration with Sofía Forero, to a score composed by Rachel Therrien, this piece breaks down the different states of the mind as they accept and embrace the change in their lives. “Synchronicity,” the first of the three sections, introduces the characters in their natural environment before knowing that their lives are about to change. “This Isn’t Love” explores the different phases of a couple being isolated from each other, and the different emotions that they both experience. The last section of the piece, “75 Pages of Happiness,” portrays the mental will to keep living, loving, and searching for freedom in a context of pandemic

Our Gift to the World (2021)
“The essence and gift of the moment IS the moment, and it will clearly never repeat itself again.”

A collaboration between Nicolas Fiery, Sofía Forero, and Sivan Arbel, Our Gift to the World is a gift of honesty, improvisation, and healing—a connection between our spirit, physical body, and breath–a meditation.

Are We? (2019)
Are We? is a duet choreographed by Sofía Forero and Nicolas Fiery and is danced to a spoken word poem written by both artists. The text reflects both Fiery’s and Forero’s personalities in order to showcase their true selves. The piece reveals the journey of these two individual artists searching for their own voice and place as humans, as they share their experiences and dreams.

Nicolas Fiery Nicolas Fiery
Nicolas Fiery is a professional dancer from Vincennes, France who is trained in all disciplines of dance. He began his training with the Funky Styles techniques with Lady Del, and studied Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern and Acting under the direction of Candice Alekan at Arts En Mouvements. During his time in France, he won several prizes in Jazz with the FFD (Federation Française de Danse) and in Locking in different choreography contests. In 2015, he founded his multi-media platform for promoting the arts, MUMOS (, and he graduated from The Ailey School Certificate program in 2020. He performed on national television during the 2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and performed the works of renowned choreographers such as Alvin Ailey, Darrel Moultrie, Kayoko Watanabe, Yuko Kamada, Julie Galopin. He is currently dancing for Earl Mosley, Melanie Futorian, the Japan Performing Arts Inc. and The Heraclitus Project. Fiery has also presented his choreographic work in multiple venues including Arts On Site, Ballet Hispanico at Ajkun Ballet Winter Season, and The Greenpoint Gallery. He has produced live and virtual events such as “Not to Say” and “Thanksgiving Art Live Stream”. Nicolas is a passionate and versatile artist who enjoys celebrating and sharing experiences through his works. Fiery also directs MUMOS’ original series World Dance Sessions and is currently producing an artistic documentary about the Empire City as well as working on upcoming live performances in New York City and abroad.

Sofia ForeroSofía Forero 
Sofía Forero Correa was born and raised in Cali, Colombia. She studied at Joffrey Ballet School and graduated from The Ailey School Certificate Program. She has performed pieces by Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Alvin Ailey, Angelica Stiskin, Rena Butler, Larisa Calero, Luis Salgado, Earl Mosley, Darrel Moultrie, and Kirven Boyd, among others. She is currently dancing under Vernard J. Gilmore upon receiving the Jersey City Artist Relief Fund Award and Nimbus Arts Center Residency. She founded The Heraclitus Project ( in 2018 and has presented her choreographic work and productions in multiple venues, including 14th Street Y Theater, Davenport Theater, Dixon Place Theater, The Hudson Valley Festival, Winter Follies Festival, Fertile Ground, Sony Music Hall, Hudson Guild Theater, Dance on The Lawn Festival, Union City PAC, Arts on Site, The Greenpoint Gallery, and The Craft. Besides her choreographic work, Sofía is currently working for B. Create., an arts organization, and a production company called Ms. Tonya Productions. She has also recently been commissioned to present her work at Spoke the Hub Director’s Choice Performance in the Fall. Sofía is a Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® Certified Teacher, and the author of the research book “Una Danza Para El Cambio Social”, after her development of a healing technique through movement and dance, in a local community.