Metal Studio

Our metal shop provides rare access to basic skills in metalwork. Introductory classes include welding, blacksmithing, and specialty workshops with visiting artists to provide instruction using professional tools and techniques necessary to start working safely with the medium. It opens the opportunity for students who are trained in basic techniques, to practice advancing their skills in metal sculpting and fabrication classes.

We are one of the few studios in the region capable of accommodating metal crafting artists of all skill levels and one of the only programs available outside of a technical school or university. The Sculptural Studies Building at AVA offers four distinct but interconnected workshops; metal, wood, clay, and stone. The publicly accessible nature of our studios, their welcoming attitude towards both professional and amateur craftspeople, their relatively wide diversity of tools, and the range of technical aptitude of the staff and artists contribute to a unique working atmosphere.

AVA Bench Rental

Do you want more hands-on practice at refining your sculpture skills? Our open studio schedule is now LIVE! Bench rentals are available to qualified AVA Members when classes are not in session. Students enrolled in a sculpture, wood, metal, stone or clay class may participate in open studio time for free.

Sculpture Building Schedule

The place to check for open bench rental time.