Julia Pavone, Tangled up in Blue, 24×18, $600.00

Carter-Kelsey Lobby Gallery. Exhibition summary: We spend so much of our time with our gaze cast downward, looking into the glass of our smartphones, scrolling through images, the internet, and messages. Virtually existing in a liminal space, caught between code and algorithm. We forget to look up, up through the pane of a window or bow of a tree, into the blue of the sky. Sunlight and fresh air renew us, gives us energy, optimism, and can shift our perspective. Artists were invited to submit work with themes on vertical vantage points and optimism.

Artists participating in the exhibition: Dan Brenton, Betsy Derrick, Shawna Gibbs, Stephanie Gordon, Naomi Hartov, Kip King, Karen Neubauer, Scott Niemi, Julia Pavone, Matthew Peake, Dana Read, Stephanie Reininger, Anne Cogbill Rose, Jonathan Rose, Laura Tafe, Sheryl Trainor, Michael Yacavone

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Scott Niemi, Royal Poinciana View, Oil on canvas, 30×40, $1500.00 

Jonathan Rose, Faith, Acrylic, 30×30, $850.00