Kelsey, Peabody, Singh: August 27-October 1, 2021

AVA Gallery and Art Center is pleased to present Three Solo Exhibitions:

Winkie Kelsey, William Peabody, Jay Singh

August 27-October 1, 2021

AVA Board of directors cordially invites you to the opening reception, Friday August 27, 2021, 5-7 PM.

A special announcement will be made at 6:15 PM 

Livestream Link : AVA Gallery & Art Center Special Announcement – YouTube

Rocks to Galaxies, an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by New Hampshire artist Winkie Kelsey. At the age of 9, Winkie Kelsey began her art career by taking painting classes in her hometown of Easton, Pennsylvania. She continued art classes at the Ethel Walker School and went on to Smith College, Class of 1956. Under the direction of Leonard Baskin, she learned to see forms in stone to sculpt as well as the intricacies of creating pen and ink drawings. In 1961, she did graduate work at Dartmouth College, majoring in Art, which culminated in a solo show at Baker Library. Going forward, the artist Paul Sample encouraged her to continue growing her artistic gifts. In 1966, while still in Hanover, she married the Reverend Preston T. Kelsey II and moved to Berkeley, California. Volunteering in the Black Panther’s breakfast program at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Oakland, she supported and promoted the cultural movement and saying, “Black is Beautiful”.  She and her husband returned to the east coast in 1984, settling in Riverside, Connecticut. Kelsey was asked to join the Uncommon Chiselers Association, where she continued her artistic work in sculpture and took advanced sculpture classes at the Silvermine Institute in Connecticut. She received first place there at the annual juried show and was subsequently juried into the National Pen Women, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C.  Winkie Kelsey taught sculpture classes at AVA for many years and is a long-time member and supporter. She and her husband spend summers at Lake Fairlee, VT and winters at Kendal at Hanover. A fellow Kendal resident recently wrote: “It is astonishing to me that there are so many varied ways that you, Winkie, have expressed your creative gifts and imagination.” Rocks to Galaxies, paintings and sculpture by Winkie Kelsey will be on view in the Clifford B. West Gallery.  All proceeds from the exhibition will benefit AVA Gallery and Art Center.

A Collection of Memories, an exhibition of encaustic works by Vermont artist William Peabody. Peabody is an artist in communication with places; they speak to him, and a rich dialogue is manifested in his work. His background as an Episcopal priest, parent, farmer, and family counselor have enriched his vision as an artist. Peabody has investigated a variety of mediums with the same philosophical and practical spirit with which he has explored life. He has worked at printmaking, monoprints, metal sculpture, acrylic on canvas, and most recently encaustic on wood. This exhibition of encaustic paintings are poetic expressions which draw together visions of time and place. “My current exhibition of work is a series of encaustic paintings on wood.  Encaustic is pigment mixed with beeswax and resin. It is a painting process which involves a heated palette; the medium is melted and then applied to a surface and fixed with a heat gun.  Encaustic is thought to be one of the oldest forms of painting.  Of all the mediums I have used, this is one of the most exciting because I do not know what the final painting will look like.  The more I have tried to control the outcome, the worse the results can often become. This medium does not like to be controlled; it only gives up its secrets when one begins to experiment. When the artist is willing to go outside his comfort zone, this medium offers the opportunity to experience the power of second chances.” -William Peabody. A Collection of Memories by William Peabody will be on view in the Clifford B. West Gallery.  All proceeds from the exhibition will benefit AVA Gallery and Art Center.

From Then to Now, an exhibition of sculpture by Vermont artist Jay Singh. He is best known for his bold contemporary sculpture. Working mostly in wood, his work has a strong tribal feel, stemming from his interest in the African arts. His sculpture is also heavily influenced by his life-long interest in spirituality. The exhibition contains work Singh produced from 2006 until the present, and reflects his journey moving from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Norwich, Vermont. Singh was a student and instructor at the Santa Fe Community College, as well as a frequent exhibitor throughout the Southwest. This exhibition at AVA combines the excitement and vibrant creativity of the Southwest with the tranquility and elegance of a beautiful New England summer day. Singh is an instructor at AVA Gallery, his teaching skills continue to greatly benefit AVA’s woodworking program which take place in our in the Sculptural Studies Building.  “My inspiration comes from thinking about ways to make our environments feel comfortable and ordered. It is a way of making us feel safe and secure and in control. I like when a color in a pattern in the drapes is repeated in the cushions on the sofa. The only problem is that after basking in all that safety and comfort, I tend to get a little bored. I need to shake things up a little. How can I make my work come alive? Maybe by contrasting something hard with something soft. Not in a way that they fight with each other, but rather dance together. I like to blend contrasting elements to create harmony. I want the viewer to feel both soothed and stimulated at the same time.” – Jay Singh.  From Then to Now, sculpture by Jay Singh will be on view in the Rebecca Lawrence Gallery.