Facilities Coordinator

March 2023

AVA Mission Statement

As a catalyst for creativity, AVA cultivates an openness of space and mind to inspire, nurture, and showcase the artistic spirit.

Our Vision

AVA Gallery and Art Center serves its mission by maintaining powerful exhibitions, vibrant artist studios, and offering dynamic educational programming for artists of all ages and abilities. With an emphasis on building community, AVA also hosts and promotes special events that foster interaction between artists, patrons of the arts and the public. All of our work is done with the priority of environmental sustainability and with the recognition that art enriches our lives.

Position Summary: Reporting to the Executive Director, the Facilities Coordinator will develop and implement policies and practices that promote safety in a creative environment within the Carter-Kelsey (C-KB) and Sculptural Studies (SSB) buildings, the surrounding grounds, and outdoor teaching/event spaces owned by AVA. This position coordinates and ensures that the workmanship of hired vendors involved with repairing and maintaining the buildings and outside spaces is of high quality, done in a timely way, and at a reasonable cost.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Monitor all equipment and building systems for safe and reliable performance. Collaborate with the Executive Director and Facilities Committee to evaluate building maintenance requirements and purchases related to them.
  • Research and recommend facility improvements.
  • Oversee maintenance of the C-KB and SSB interior space, as well as surrounding exterior spaces, including the rooftop gardens.
  • Plan and lead implementation of required changes/upgrades, including the evaluation, research, and recommendation of equipment and supplies.
  • Act as point person for all contracted mechanical vendors (electric, HVAC, etc.) subcontractors, and cleaning services to ensure all facilities are clean, safe, and well-maintained. Arranging for annual inspections such as the elevator, and fire safety, etc.
  • Design and implement safety protocols for best practice, utilization of space and equipment. Research and maintain safety equipment, including monitoring and cleaning dust/vapor/particulate collection systems, replacing filters in both buildings.
  • Collaborate with AVA staff to recruit, identify, place, and coordinate volunteers to help with facility related projects. Maintain volunteer records.
  • Provide leadership to and collaborate with the Volunteer ad hoc committee under the Human Resources Committee
  • Initiate and steward volunteer groups from Hypertherm and other employee volunteer groups.

Reports to and collaborate with managers, staff, and AVA’s Facility Committee.

  • Act as a point person regarding facility related safety protocols.
  • Monitor building maintenance and maintain an inventory of materials and supplies, with accountability to the budget.
  • Prepare reports and information as requested.
  • Work with Office Manager regarding studio tenant repairs
  • Is staff liaison for the Facilities Committee.
  • Collaborate with the Facility Committee Chair.
  • Attend monthly Facility Committee meetings.
  • Help set-up and brake-down for classes and events, in collaboration with other staff.
  • Participate in preparing and maintaining the annual budget as it relates to Facilities in collaboration with the Executive Director.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or associate degree preferred.
  • 2-years’ experience facilities management of a medium to large sized public building as well as the exterior spaces associated with it.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of facilities management.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Physical Requirements: ability to climb ladders, lift and carry 50 lbs.

Salary Level and Exempt Status:

The Facilities Coordinator is a part-time position that is eligible for overtime pay according to the US Dept of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act.

Benefits: Individual Membership to AVA and the various discounts included.

Supervisor: Executive Director

How to Apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to shari@avagallery.org

Download a copy of the job description here.