Olivia Janna Genereaux, Danielle Klebes, Rachel Montroy, Ann Young | March 11-April 15, 2022


Olivia Janna Genereaux | Danielle Klebes | Rachel Montroy | Ann Young

March 11- April 15, 2022

Opening Reception: Friday, March 11, 5-7PM*

*(Covid precautions apply to all in person events)


Olivia Janna Genereaux, Unabashed Joy

Solo Exhibition featured in the Elizabeth Rowland Mayor Gallery

Biography: Olivia Janna Genereaux began painting at the age of eight, there began her love of paint. She received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, studying textiles, illustration, and painting. Four decades later in 2014, she earned her MFA from Lesley University, College of Art and Design.

Exhibition Statement: “I have the heart of a maker, a gift that requires nurturing. Feeding my creative hunger, I traverse landscapes saturated in light. Pace and rhythm synchronize my internal dialogue with the cascading terrain. Emptying my pockets with treasures and images gathered, I begin. Poised in a dance-like process, freed of the past and the future, I paint entwined in curiosity and joy. Throughout this investigative and intuitive process color passages evoking mood and space emerge and marks and lines converge.” — Olivia Janna Genereaux

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Olivia Janna Genereaux website




Danielle Klebes, Midnight Adventure Club

Solo Exhibition featured in the Clifford B. West Gallery

Biography: Danielle Klebes lives and works at Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY. Her work explores and disrupts ideas of social expectations and gender norms by presenting queer bodies in utopic settings. Danielle has exhibited in notable galleries and museums throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada. These include House Fire House Party (2020), a solo show at Installation Space in North Adams, MA, Aimless Pilgrimage (2020), a solo show at L’Atelier Silex Gallery in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada, and Portraiture Today (2021), a group show at the Springfield Museums, Springfield, MA. Danielle’s work has appeared on the cover of many publications including Artscope Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine, Gertrude Press, and Prairie Schooner. Danielle received her MFA in Visual Arts from Lesley University College of Art and Design in Cambridge, MA, in 2017.

Exhibition statement: “Midnight Adventure Club will feature a variety of mixed media work created over the last two years which began as an examination of youth, social expectations, and gender norms through reinterpretations of Ponce de León’s quest for the Fountain of Youth. For example, the exhibition will feature a large mixed media piece entitled Back to the Garden that reimagines Thomas Moran’s 1877 painting Ponce de León in Florida as a wild and bizarre forest party. The exhibition will include large colorful figurative oil paintings, oil on cut panel life-size free-standing figures, and wooden sculptures of tropical plants. The work is created with an emphasis on world-building with the goal of a fluid transition between mediums. I employ a cool, colorful, and unnatural palette to highlight disconnection and lack of intimacy, and to introduce possibilities of a dream-state or an unreliable narrator into my otherwise representational and often realistic paintings.  The free-standing life-size figures will be arranged in small groups throughout the gallery. They are painted realistically, but have bright bold colorful backs which allow them to exist in pods, serving as each other’s backdrops. All of the free-standing paintings have wooden game-piece-like legs, which serve as an aggressive acknowledgement of the disconnect with the real world.  I am interested in contrasting and simultaneous experiences—feelings of isolation in crowded spaces, picturesque exterior scenes with figures in emotional distress, the convergence of beauty and anguish, hope and despair. In Midnight Adventure Club, I highlight the times when these seemingly contrary experiences coexist, emphasizing the multi-faceted, ever-changing nature of human experience.” — Danielle Klebes

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Rachel Montroy, Within the Moss

Solo Exhibition featured in the Rebecca Lawrence Gallery Entry

Biography: Rachel Montroy is a mixed media sculptor living in Hopkinton, New Hampshire. Her interest in art began at an early age with her inherent desire to work with her hands. In college, making pottery became her gateway to ceramic sculpture. She studied under Marvin Sweet at the University of New Hampshire and then after graduating in 2006, continued studying under his professor, Richard Hirsch at the School for American Crafts at RIT where she received her MFA in Ceramics and Ceramics Sculpture in 2008. More recently, she has expanded her work to include fiber arts and mixed media. Rachel exhibits her sculptures in galleries and museums regionally and nationally. Along with her studio art practice, she is the Education and Community Outreach Coordinator at the League of NH Craftsmen, a workshop instructor, and fine arts professor.

Exhibition statement: “My sculptures are physical and metaphorical meditations on the beauty of natural forms and their growth. I hope that my work contains a quiet presence that warrants closer observation. I have found that I have more fulfilling experiences if I am able to see things as if it is my first time, instead of automatically labeling them and not giving them my full attention. My intention with these abstract forms is to combine elements of the known and unknown, helping viewers dive into their own imaginations and create their own connections to the natural world as I have. The pieces in this show are reminiscent of the living organisms that I see on my walks in the woods. I am fascinated with plants of all sizes, especially those found within the moss on a macroscopic scale. As I think about these organisms and their fleeting lives, I reflect on the births, deaths, and other defining moments that I have experienced in my life. It is these connections that fuel my ideas for these forms and their subtle gestures.” — Rachel Montroy

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Rachel Montroy website


Ann Young, In a Dangerous Time

Solo Exhibition featured in the E.N. Wennberg Gallery

Biography: Ann Young was born in Chicago, raised in Illinois and Nebraska but she has lived all of her adult life in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. She dabbled in the “back to the land” movement and raised a family here. She has always been interested in representational art.  From her first paying job illustrating the varmints of the Nebraska plains through her stint as an illustrator for The Center for Northern Studies.  A BFA from Rhode Island School of Design sidetracked her into ceramics and sculpture. She spent years in a fruitful career making miniature porcelain, animal, and human figures for the wholesale craft market. An interest in large wooden sculpture occupied several years culminating in large scale gallery installations, which combined the large cedar sculptures with the miniature porcelain figures. When she finally seriously devoted herself to the exquisite hues and textures which oil on canvas allows, it was with studies of people in portrait and in social interaction that she chose to explore these possibilities and has since devoted almost all of her efforts to painting her fellow travelers.

Exhibition Statement: “I have always two goals as an artist. The first is to achieve the high level of skill and competence that are required to make a beautiful and lasting work of art.  I have been working toward that goal for decades in various media. The second thing is to express my feelings about the world and especially the people in it. While I often concentrate on large scale portraiture and human emotion, the works in this show reflect my fears and concerns about the state of the world today, and the dangers we all are living with. Most of these paintings are about innocent people, effected by forces outside their control, who must, nevertheless, suffer the consequences. But necessary to my existence in these uncertain times is an overall feeling of optimism. I have tried to express this in the two “Triumph of Hope” paintings and a few happy little portraits.” —Ann Young

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Ann Young website


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