From Seed to Bloom: AVA’s 50th Anniversary Campaign

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Created in 1973, AVA’s long history of service to the visual arts and visual artists has been made possible by the profound generosity of individuals and families, corporations and foundations, and by public agencies that believe in our mission and its impact on the community. From Seed to Bloom addresses areas critical to AVA’s mission, vision, and values:

1. Tending Our Physical Spaces
AVA’s long-term sustainability plan ensures our physical plant will be here for future generations of our evergrowing
family of artists, students, and supporters.The historic Carter-Kelsey Building will receive interior and exterior maintenance and upgrades addressed at comfort, safety, and program advancement. Spaces throughout both the Carter-Kelsey Building and the
Sculptural Studies Building will be adapted to better meet community needs and improve the potential to generate income. All work will incorporate green technology and AVA’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

2. Cultivating Our Financial Sustainability
AVA embraces a strategy of continuous improvement with a focus on financial sustainability. AVA aims to honor the charitable intentions of our many generous donors and to be a grateful and responsible steward for our organization’s assets. The campaign will eliminate a bridge loan originally secured to complete the Sculptural Studies Building. AVA will also develop a capital reserve fund to continue to maintain our physical spaces. These financial initiatives will ensure that all future funds and fundraising will go directly to serving AVA’s mission.

3. Growing Our People and Programs

AVA’s intergenerational and inclusive approach to programming is an important community asset. AVA needs people to ensure that our programs can continue to enrich, inspire, and benefit all. AVA seeks to enhance the roles of current staff while adding new positions to address the evolving needs of AVA’s community of artists, students, supporters, and beneficiaries. All staffing investments will make AVA’s programs more accessible and available; the project includes expanding information technology to serve remote constituents.

4. Nurturing Our Vitality
Unrestricted gifts to AVA’s annual fund are essential for its ongoing vitality. During From Seed to Bloom, gifts to the annual fund are also considered contributions to the campaign. Every gift counts, no matter the size.

Total Goal for From Seed to Bloom, AVA’s 50th Anniversary Campaign: $2.7 million

Support AVA's Future Today


Thanks to the generosity of the artist Coralea Wennberg, all proceeds from the sales of paintings in the series Plant Stories will benefit the campaign.

To view that gallery of Coralea Wennberg click here