Susan Wilson

Artist’s Biography

After a three-decade career of teaching art in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, after raising a family and doing justice work for disenfranchised people from sub-Saharan Africans to those with AIDS and those standing in our soup kitchen lines, I retired to Putney, Vermont, with my husband and dog. In my small village of Putney I discovered a town rich with people building vibrant communities and working for justice for all, whether it be in food security, climate and energy issues, or homelessness and, now, asylum seekers. Now I know that, instead of waiting and hoping, and searching for personal sanctuary, I must act. My way forward is through my art, traveling with these people who seek only the opportunity to become fully whoever he or she yearns to be.

Contact Information

105 Westminster Road
Putney, Vermont 05346                                                                                                          

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