Rich Fedorchak

Artist Biography

I am basically a self-taught artist with little formal training, although I have attended classes/workshops at the School of Visual Arts ( New York, NY ), the Woodstock School of Art ( Woodstock, NY ), and AVA Gallery and Art Center( Lebanon, NH ).

My involvement in the visual arts began in the mid- 1970’s when I started making films under the influence of American avant-garde filmmakers like Stan Brakhage , Bruce Conner and Kenneth Anger. A chance encounter in 1974 with the works of of the late American artist Joseph Cornell was pivotal to my artistic development. His art exposed me to the magical and transformative power of collage and the found object.

I continue to create and screen experimental films in the Super 8 film and digital video mediums. In recent years my films have increasingly featured elements of abstraction from nature and cutout animation.