Artist Members

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The Artist Member program started in the Fall of 2019 and provides an enhanced AVA membership experience. Artist Members enjoy:

  • Ability to propose solo or self-curated show in Members Gallery (as schedule permits)
  • Presence on the AVA website with link to artist’s website (coming soon!)
  • Presence in the flat file in the Members Gallery (max number of pieces to be determined)
  • Fee waived for quarterly group shows in Members Gallery ($80 value)
  • 25% off one private function in the Members Gallery per year
  • Ability to qualify for bench rental privileges in Sculptural Studies Building
  • Participation in the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) program

If you would like to join, click here to learn more.

Here is a list of our current Artist Members. Please click on an artist’s name to view their portfolio.

Alan Jacobs
Althea Goundrey
Amber Erkiletian
Amy A. Hook-Therrien
Andrea Lunde
Ann Boyajian
Barbara Cieslicki
Becky J. Cook
Bonnie Bell
Carla Kimball
Carole K. Bellew
Carolyn Enz Hack
Chad Etting
Christel Wolfaardt
Christine R. Hawkins
Christopher Rollins
Cindy Heath
David Westby
Derek Bell
Don Collins
Edythe Wright
Elizabeth Ricketson
Evelyn Swett
Geraldine DeLuca
Ginger Armstrong
Jack Harkins
Jacqueline Keegan
Jane Cohen
Jane E. Clark
Jane Gold
Jane Rendall
Jon G. Fox
Josephine Tate
Judith Rocchio
Julie Puttgen
Kathy Stark
Katrina Geurkink
Laura Boyajian
Linda Bryan
Liz Ross
Lucinda Brown
Maggie Kundtz Joseph
Margaret Dwyer
Margaret L. Kannenstine
Melissa Cruz
Michael D. Kraatz
Michael Price
Naomi Hartov
Olivia Genereaux
Pat Glowa
Patrick T. Colt
Patty Castellini
Penelope Bennett
Penny Koburger
Peter Land
Phil Thorne
Rachel Jordan
Rich Fedorchak
Richard Lichtenstein
Robert Chapla
Roger Goldenberg
Sally Wright Bacon
Sarah Doing
Shaina Hirsch
Sheryl Trainor
Stephanie Gordon
Stephanie Wolff
Stephen Procter
Sue Katz
Susan H. Wilson
Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink
Tom McGraw
Tyler Morrison
Walter Newman
William C. Fontaine