Linda Roesch | A Lifetime of Unfinished Discovery

The Linda Roesch Visual Arts Gallery 11 Bank Street, Lebanon, NH

AVA Gallery and Art Center is pleased to announce the inaugural exhibition in our newly remodeled and named lobby gallery, The Linda Roesch Visual Arts Gallery. Presenting Linda Roesch, A […]


Don Williams: Assembly Required

AVA Online

Don Williams is a NH-based ceramicist and sculptor. The artist works with clay and found objects, assembling different elements to create engaging new forms that reference architecture, landscape, manufactured parts and artifacts. The carefully constructed ceramic works are richly textured and glazed, alluding to rust, corrugation, steel, concrete and aluminum. Recently, in his wall-hanging sculptures, found objects like burnt wood, machine parts, and natural objects have become a part of the works. Though, where the ceramic forms end and the found objects begin become intentional and seamless.