Nina Gaby, J. Turk, Janet Van Fleet, Lauren Gillette

September 7, 2018 @ 11:00 am – October 3, 2018 @ 5:00 pm


OPENING RECEPTION: Friday,  September 7, 5–7pm

Nina Gaby: Other Alphabets–Dimensional Memoir
Workshop: Dimensional Memoir
Saturdays, September 15 & 29, 12–3:30pm

Nina Gaby is a writer, visual artist and psychiatric nurse practitioner exploring the intersection between narrative and object. Using books and textual pieces as her subject, she manipulates the intrinsically closed form of the book, breathing new life into perhaps unreadable stories.

Is it possible to take the essence of story and make it more accessible, give it a more visceral impact as a visual statement?

Gaby’s work has been selected for inclusion in a Smithsonian on contemporary American porcelain, and now resides permanently in the Renwick Collection of the Smithsonian. Her work in also in the permanent collection at Arizona State University among other private collections. Her written works can be found in collections by Creative Non-Fiction, Seal Press, Wising-Up Press, and several periodicals. Her fiction has been published in Lilith Magazine and in two short-story collections by Paper Journey Press. Gaby is a member of the Book Arts Guild of Vermont, The Burlington Writers Workshop, and The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Interest Group of Vermont.

J. Turk: Unwearable Realities

Workshop: Looking for Language
Tuesday–Thursday, September 18–20, 5–8pm
Performance with Q+A: Friday, September 14, 6pm

J. Turk is a writer, performer, and multimodal maker exploring the intersections of language and bodies.

Turk produces work across boundaries of materials, platforms, and taste. Through their work, Turk considers how bodies form, shift and alter themselves, describing the process as a method of interpreting our physical presence.

My body has been a continuous act of patching and mending, a sort of continued sewing project that can never fix all the issues of physicality, but rather attempt to repair each new tear or flaw… I keep altering the structure and myself, trying to get the fit right, make it drape. But I’m not sure there’s enough material to make it work.

Turk received their MFA in 2017 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has exhibited their work in Chicago, New York, and throughout New England. In 2017, J. along with their collaborator Marina Leybishkis founded an artist book collective called, Unauthorized, described as a site for “translation and voices unaltered.”

Janet Van Fleet: Long Haul
Artist Talk: Thursday, September 27, 5:30pm

Janet Van Fleet’s work focuses on the interconnectedness between humans and their environment, particularly focusing in on Earth’s living organisms that are fleeting. Her assemblages reference political, environmental, and social issues, inviting the viewer to speculate about the trajectories of each united components.

As I gather (and subsequently manipulate and assemble) these materials, I become an archivist, preserving and bringing into new relationships oddities from material culture and natural history that would otherwise disappear into the planetary dumpster.

Van Fleet is the founder of Studio Place Arts, a community center for the visual arts in Barre, Vermont. She was awarded grants by the Vermont Arts Council in 1996 and 2005 for the creation of three large installations.

Lauren Gillette: Things I Did

Lauren Gillette’s work focuses on the power of storytelling through the use of aesthetics and text. Things I Did is a piece as equally about the collection of information and the presentation of those findings. Petitioning for volunteers on Craigslist, Facebook and Newspaper Classifieds, Gillette asked individuals to summarize their lives in five lines of text. The responses were etched on mirrors and places at slightly off angles. The viewer can see themselves reflected in these memoirs, but only in fragments.

I am a conceptual artist. Biography, history, text, and memory are my bricks, aesthetics, repetition and empathy, my mortar… I work to reveal something emotive about each subject.

Gillette earned a BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1983. Her diverse biographical and conceptual works have been exhibited at museums and galleries throughout the country. She has been honored with several Artist Advancement Grants from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and a Good Idea grant from the Maine Arts Commission, among other awards and publications.