Kane, Sterritt, Heimann, and Hancock-Tomek

January 12, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – February 2, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, January 12, 5–7pm

Sheri Hancock-Tomek: Line, Pattern, Form

This body of work came from experimenting with layers of color, pattern and the combination of geometric and organic lines. I allow the process to guide the end result. Each layer informs the next step, whether it be the form, color or a combination of each.


Cecelia Kane: A Year of Forgetting
Artist Talk: Thursday, February 1, 12:30–1:30pm

Each painting is a visual recording of a month of daily lapses of memory. I start with a set of shapes that represent different types of forgetfulness, like when someone finishes my sentence, or forgetting when I’m interrupted, plus many more. I start with pencil composites of each day’s forgetting-symbols in my sketchbook. Later I make a fanciful painting that functions as a map or calendar of the mental-me, poking fun, I hope, at the aging process.


Sarah Heimann: Layering
Artist Talk: Saturday, January 13, 3pm

Images fill my head as I draw on leather-hard pieces. There are stories in every abandoned cellar hole, each forested stone wall, every clump of field daffodils. Suggestions of these stories fill my head as I start drawing, beginning with a bloom or building, taking a small moon to the ground and placing a larger one over a vine and behind a tree. In carving, I hone form and breathe life into image.


Craig Sterritt: Ada Paintings
Artist Talk: Thursday, January 25, 6pm

The compositions of my paintings were discovered in Xerox magnifications of small geometric line drawings completed in 1991 and 1992. My paintings  are, in effect, details of these original drawings—or as I prefer to call them, “minute particulars,” after a term invented by William Blake to describe the constituent elements of a “perfect Whole” that are too often lost in the process of perception.