2024 Juried Exhibition

2024 Juried Exhibition


2024 Juried Exhibition | June 21-July 13 | All Main Named Galleries

Opening reception and Jurors Recognition Award Presentation: Friday, June 21, 5-7 PM

2024 Biennial Juried Exhibition | June 21-July 13, 2024 | Clifford B. West Gallery, Elizabeth Rowland Mayor Gallery, E.N. Wennberg Gallery, Rebecca Lawrence Gallery Entry | Opening Reception and Juror’s Recognition Awards Presentation: Friday, June 21, 5-7 PM

AVA Gallery and Art Center is pleased to present the 2024 Juried Exhibition. This biennial was an open call, with no theme. Artists were invited to submit works of their choice for the juror to review. From 104 submissions, 48 artists were selected, and 66 works will be featured in the exhibition in various mediums and artistic styles. Three artists will be chosen for the Juror’s Recognition Awards and one photographer will be selected for the Cornelia M. Rahmelow Photography Prize. The award-winning artists will receive a cash award and a solo exhibition in the 2025 season.

Selected artists include Jennifer Anderson, Jacqueline Arias, William Banks, Deborah Barnwell, Carolyn Begley, Cheryl Betz, Renee Bitinas, Anne Cogbill Rose, Vanessa Compton, Annabelle Cone, Jennifer Davey, Todd DePerno, Julia Drinker, Samantha M. Eckert, Daniel Falby, Kathleen Fiske, Nicholas Gaffney, Susan Garry, Rene Gerrior, Asher Graber, Stephany Hasse, Bruce Hasse, Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, Jim Jordan, Sher Kamman, Sarah Koff, Carol Krauss, Emily Noelle Lambert, Susan Lirakis, Jillian Lauren Lisitano, Julio Muñoz Uribe, Kate Ardis Oden, Katie Poore, Alexander Pope, Lornie Rawls, Jonathan Rose, Carrie Salsberg, Ann Saunderson, Chris Scott, Ann Steuernagel, Heather Szczepiorkowski, Laura Tafe, Cynthia Vascak, Roger Wells, Don Williams, James Wolcott, Christel Wolfaardt, and Marcia Wood Mertinooke.

This year’s juror is Rachel Moore, Executive Director and Director of Exhibitions, The Current, located in Stowe, VT. Moore states, “It is an honor to be asked to jury this exhibition. This selection process is akin to threading a story together, collecting pieces that will make interesting sentences or short stories that together create new meaning. Jurying an open call is wonderfully exciting and inherently challenging to find related meaning while celebrating the disparate eclectic nature of such a structure. Being introduced to new work, artists, and ideas is a joy. The subjectivity of jurying and curating means that perhaps not all the best work is chosen, but rather work that creates a connection with one another and possibly a cohesive narrative that relates to the present, in this case. What do we want to celebrate now? What questions do we have? What do we wish to understand? This year’s work has been chosen to reflect a high level of craftsmanship combined with innovation and the unexpected; work that challenges and inspires.”

“These artists all have something of import to express, whether that be from moving us to take action on climate change, to sharing beauty and humor, to celebrating our histories, to seeking understanding and empathy with others. Whether we look for inspiration, connection, or change, my hope is that the audience and artists will find what they are looking for in this exhibition. Let us look to these artists with open minds and hearts, and in times of division, find connection, in times of unrest, find hope, and in times of distress, find peace.”  –Rachel Moore.

The 2024 AVA Gallery and Art Center Juried Exhibition, opening reception, and Juror’s Recognition Award Presentation will be held Friday, June 21 from 5-7 PM. Attending the reception is a great opportunity to meet the artists and the Juror. The exhibition will be up through July 13.

Image credit: Julio Muñoz Uribe, Señora Margarita, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 39×30″, $2500.

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