AVA Gallery & Art Center – Opening Reception

September 6, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
AVA Gallery and Art Center
11 Bank Street
NH 03766
Heidi Reynolds

Opening Reception: Friday, September 6, 5-7pm

Complementary food and beverages provided. Open to the public.

Pamela Tarbell

What Is On Your Balcony – Pamela R. Tarbell paints complex compositions with layers of colors in her oil paintings, creating a kaleidoscope affect to dazzle the eyes. “When visiting Spain last year I became fascinated with the beautiful balconies on the old buildings from Barcelona, City of Olot, and medieval villages. The colors, architectural design, wood carvings, and tile work on numerous structures were visually stimulating. I took a multitude of photographs, and when home, rearranged the images into unique balconies with lots of colorful flowers and design patterns.”

Mary Admasian

Marked – Mary Admasian is a multidisciplinary artist who explores how raw forms, layered spaces, and abstract perception can symbolize the psychological tension between our outer and inner lives. As she states, “By transforming common and found materials into conceptually stimulating images, I want my work to create a narrative that provokes insight, thought, and social awareness in the viewer.”

Rob Hitzig


Rough/Polished is a collection of work (paintings and painted sculpture) that use contrasting textures to express emotions, feelings, and experiences that are beyond words. They are improvised and intuitive pieces with a conceptual basis but without preconceived design. Unexpected shapes and colors are an intentional element of the series. In fact, the specifics of shape and color are essentially unimportant; what is important is that, through they polishing process, each piece demonstrates they are intensely cared for and loved.

Rosemary Conroy

Love At First Sight – Rosemary Conroy was inspired to fulfill her life-long dream of painting full-time after witnessing (from afar) her former office building collapse on 9/11. Rosemary truly believes that passion for your subject is just as important as any formal pedigree. “People tell me that my work brings them joy,” says Rosemary. “That is so incredibly gratifying! I feel lucky to be able to celebrate the beauty, wonder and mystery of all our wild beings through my art — and have it really connect with people.” Mesmerized by wildlife, she regularly visits far-flung places to find inspiration for her colorful paintings and has served on land trust boards that help protect local habitats.