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All in-person students and campers must wear masks and follow AVA’s Visitor Guidelines

Covid-19 Vaccination Policy: As of January 1st, 2022, AVA will be requiring all participants in our education programs (ages 12 and up) to either show proof of vaccination against Covid-19, or provide a negative PCR Covid-19 test (taken within 72 hours of a scheduled class session or event). Click here for more information about this policy.

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Class NameFormatLevelInstructorDescriptionDatesTimesFamily Member Price (15% Off)Non-Member PriceMaterialsRegistration
2021-2022 Youth Classes
Pottery for ages 10-14In-personages 10-14Tyler MorrisonAn introduction to the potter's wheel, developing the fundamental skills of centering, throwing, and shaping clay. An opportunity for artists of all types to understand and incorporate this traditional and powerful tool into their work. This class will meet in-person in AVA's Clay Studio, and will be limited to 5 students. Mon, March 28-May 23 (No Class April 11)3:30-5:30 pm$255$300$70FULL; please email to be placed on a waitlist
Comics and Zines for ages 10-13In-personages 10-13Daryl SeitchikComics are not just for superhero fans! Anyone can tell stories through pictures, and this introductory class will show you how. We'll learn how to design our own cartoon characters, build new worlds, tell stories through drawing, and make our own zines. All you need is a pencil, some paper, and your imagination! This class will meet in-person at AVA.Tues, March 29-May 24 (No class April 12)3:30-5 pm$153.00 $180.00 Register Now
The Art of Play for ages 6-9 In-personages 6-9Olivia Janna GenereauxStudents will be immersed in an environment of discovery. Expect the unexpected in solving individual and group challenges.  Using traditional materials in unconventional ways students will gain greater knowledge of the material world that will support the development of abstract thinking and hone individual leadership skills.This class will meet in-person at AVA.Tues, March 29-May 24 (No Class April 12)3:30-5 pm$153$180$30Register Now
Art Adventures for ages 6-9In-personages 6-9Allison ZitoArt Adventures is an opportunity for elementary school artists to discover great works of art, observe nature, and refine their skills while exploring new and familiar art materials, methods and techniques. Students will observe, explore, investigate, make connections and create their own masterpieces inspired by great works of art and the natural world. Wed, March 30-May 25 (No Class April 13)3:30-5 pm$153$180FULL; please email to be placed on a waitlist
Landscapes/Cityscapes for ages 6-9In-personages 6-9Karl NeubauerStudents will find their way into the landscape using the tricks of perspective to create the illusion of space on the flat surface of drawings and paintings. Draw a pond in a glen and dive right in! Thurs, March 31-May 26 (No Class April 14)3:30-5 pm$153$180Register Now
Mural Painting: Think Big! for ages 6-9In-personages 6-9Erika McCormickAn introduction to acrylic paint on a grand stage! Young Artists will learn foundational drawing/painting techniques while building self-confidence and collaborative group skills. Gaining experience in public art construction and large project planning, students will take their work off the easel and out into the world, allowing them to think, conceive, and create BIG! This class meets in-person at AVA.Fri, April 1-May 27 (No Class April 15)3:30-5 pm$153$180Register Now
3D Printing for ages 10-13In-personages 10-13Laurel PollardLearn how to draw in 3 dimensions on a computer, and to turn those drawings into physical objects - including characters, words and letters, and even jewelry - using 3D printing technology! This class meets in-person at AVA.Wed, April 20-May 18 3:30-5 pm$102$120Register Now