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P19A33SMichelangelo Madness – Introduction to Stone CarvingHeather RitchieWield hammers, chisels, files and rasps! Create a stone sculpture using a variety of techniques. Bring your ideas or an image or drawing or let the stone dictate your design. Learn how to use simple hand tools in the reductive method of sculpture. Novice and experienced artists are encouraged to join in making small scale full round or relief carvings.Saturdays, April 6 & 1311 am - 4 pm$217$255$15

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P19A34SThe Intricacies of Stone and Stone CarvingJohn HikoryThis weekend workshop on stone begins with a presentation covering mineral content, grain qualities and different carving techniques. Various methods of carving stone, carver’s safety, and the proper use of the tools will be covered. Learn to analyze the shape of the stone in relation to your vision of form, be guided in translating the image on to the stone, and then coached to reveal the form concealed within. For beginners and intermediate carvers.Friday - Sunday, May 17 - 19Fri: 6 - 8 pm, Sat & Sun: 10 am - 3 pm$255$300$15

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P19C06Yabba Dabba Doo! Back to the Stone Age Heather RitchieDid you know, in the modern world, humans still carve stone? It is one of the oldest art forms known to humankind. Grab your hammer, chisels, files and rasps and show Barney, Wilma, and Fred that you can do it too! Bring your ideas, images, sketch books and drawings. Learn how to use simple person-powered tools in the reductive method of sculpture. Middle school artists are encouraged branch out, and learn new skills while making a small scale full-round or relief carving.Thursday & Friday, June 21 & 229 am - 2 pm$217$255$15

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