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Studies in Watercolor and Gouache In SessionS19A19PJennifer BrownGouache is an opaque water based medium very similar to watercolor. Practice capturing the spirit and light of a scene using a combination of watercolor and gouache. Develop the practice of making watercolor/gouache sketches that can later be developed into a full-size painting. We will take trips outdoors to gather content and come back to the studio to develop our sketches. Mondays, July 1 - 229:30 am - 12 pm$179$210
Let Your Imagination Soar: Abstract Acrylics (Summer Session)In SessionS19A04PPatty CastelliniPlay with color, composition, and texture through fun exercises while we experiment with this wonderful medium. Use a variety of tools to discover the many possibilities of the medium. Tuesdays, July 9 - August 136 - 8 pm$264$310$20
Introduction to WatercolorIn SessionS19A16PJoan HoffmannLearn the basics of watercolor painting, including flat wash, wet-in-wet, and dry-brush techniques. Technique demos, along with critiques and discussions, will guide you through a painting each class. There is no experience necessary, but experienced students are also welcome to brush up on the basics.Mondays July 8 - 296 - 9:30 PM170200
The Wonders of the Pastel LandscapeRegister NowS19A15PRobert CarstenThis workshop focuses on a process-driven approach to landscape painting, allowing for materials, imagination and intuitive perception to strongly influence the outcome of your pastel work. Demonstrations, exercises, at-easel and group critiques as well as plenty of time with pastels will take us on a colorful journey.Saturday, July 2010 am - 4 pm$102$120
Experimental Watercolor in Nature

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S19A24PMargaret DwyerNature’s bounty will not only inspire us as subject matter but will also be used as materials. After an organic, loose beginning, you will practice interacting with watercolor, as opposed to fully controlling it. The painting will evolve into finished work as we incorporate more traditional techniques such as glazing, negative painting and lost and found edges. Your end product will be a mysterious blend of representational hints within an abstract setting.Friday, July 199:30 AM - 2:30 PM$107$125
The Summer Garden in Watercolor

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S19A25PMargaret DwyerCelebrate floral bliss and the bounty of color at this summer garden party. Bring a flower, blooming plants, or a bouquet to class along with your watercolor supplies. Nature’s masterpieces will fill the studio with inspiration. Demonstrated techniques will include wet in wet, glazing, negative painting and more. All levels of painters are invited to participate in this relaxed, fun and colorful workshop.Friday, July 269:30 AM - 2:30 PM$107$125
Don't Mop Up That Splash of Color! (Summer Session)

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P19A29PRobin WeisburgerDesign and paint your own floor cloth! A painted floor cloth adds spice to any floor. First used on floors in the 1700s, these beautiful, functional pieces of art are a cozy addition to any home, in any season. Learn the history of craft as you begin with a 2' x 3' floor cloth. Adding a durable finishing coat will assure you have an heirloom piece that will stand up to everyday use and the test of time. Stencils and other tools to assist with patterns will be provided.Saturday & Sunday, August 10 & 119:30 am - 12:30 pm$94$110$30
Hot Wax: A Intensive Encaustic Painting Weekend

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S19A18PJulie PüttgenThis intensive workshop is an introduction to the art of painting with encaustic (wax-based) paint, but is also appropriate for more experienced encaustic artists. Richly tactile, versatile and rewarding, encaustic painting offers new possibilities to experienced and beginning artists. Class topics will include paint application & scribing, pouring, layering & glazing; working with opaque, translucent, and transparent colors; additive and reductive surfaces; textural elements; preparation of diverse painting supports; collage; and incorporation of found elements.Saturday & Sunday, August 24 & 259:30 AM - 12:30 PM & 2 - 5 PM$213$250$70
Expressive Portraits with Prismacolor

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S19A18PPatricia KillianPrismacolor combines ease of medium with great subtly of personal expression. With it you’ll learn to create an true likeness of your chosen subject through accurate proportion, tonal range, and observational nuance of expression. Take home a frame-able portrait!Mondays September 9 - 309 AM - 12 PM$153$180

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