CAOS (Community Arts Open Studio)

CAOS (Community Arts Open Studio) is a weekly workshop where children and their caregivers make their own self-directed art projects using a variety of available tools and art supplies. While there will be an AVA instructor facilitating the open studio, CAOS is not a drop-off program. Children and their caregivers are both invited to attend.

CAOS will take place on Saturday mornings in AVA’s Schleicher Family Children’s Studio and adjacent Wasson Family Children’s Loft. As of January 15, CAOS will happen from 10 am-1 pm.

CAOS now requires pre-registration; we do not currently run it as a drop-in program. As many as four family members (adults plus children) can register as a family. Please understand that, because of social distancing guidelines, we have to be strict about limiting a registration to no more than 4 family members.

Currently, because of AVA’s Covid-19 guidelines, all participants are required to wear a mask while at AVA. As of January 1, 2022, AVA is also requiring participants (ages 12 and up) to either be vaccinated against Covid-19, or to provide a negative PCR Covid test taken within 72 hours of coming to AVA. Click here to upload your Covid Vaccination Card.

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If you would prefer to register for CAOS in-person or over the phone you can do so during normal business hours or by calling (603) 448-3117.

While CAOS is free, we directly rely on members and donors to keep programs like it running.

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