Art for Kids

1.13.13. From Art for Kids, a program for children with chronic medical conditions, led by students from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. Photo Jack Rowell.

Photo: Jack Rowell

Art for kids is a monthly program for children with medical conditions, offered as a collaboration between AVA Gallery and Art Center and the Geisel School of Medicine.

During the once-a-month two-hour Sunday afternoon sessions in the AVA Schleicher Family Children’s Studio, Geisel students facilitate hands-on arts activities with support and guidance from AVA’s teaching faculty.

Geisel students and program participants alike explore the transformative and healing powers art-making opportunities provide while interacting in a nonclinical setting.

It is the intent of the program that children will have a healthy and respective dialogue with passionate and energetic medical students. Through this community interface, Art for Kids strives to have children and the students alike learn more about:

  • The impact of chronic health issues faced by children,
  • The social issues that come with living and caring for those living with chronic health issues, and
  • Community resources and supports available to the children and their families.

For more information contact AVA Gallery and Art Center at 603-448-3117 or email