Clay Studio

Open to all AVA Artist Members, the Kira Fournier Ceramics Center offers classes and workshops covering the entire process of building with clay, including preparing the raw clay, using the wheel and/or hand-building, and firing and glazing. Talented instructors provide opportunities for artists and craftspeople of all skill levels to gain proficiency in building and sculpting with clay. An emphasis on youth classes creates an avenue for younger students to experience a functional art studio. High-quality ventilation, good lighting, and well-maintained equipment make the space a healthy, safe, and pleasant place to work with and enjoy clay

AVA Bench Rental

Do you want more hands-on practice at refining your sculpture skills? Our open studio schedule is now LIVE! Bench rentals are available to qualified AVA Members when classes are not in session. Students enrolled in a sculpture, wood, metal, stone or clay class may participate in open studio time for free.

Sculpture Building Schedule

The place to check for open bench rental time.