Christel Wolfaardt

Christel Wolfaardt Biography:

New Hampshire based printmaker and visual artist, Christel Wolfaardt, grew up in South Africa surrounded by her painter mother and textile engineer father.  She received her MA(FA) cum laude from the University of Pretoria.  Her Master’s exhibition was entitled ‘Book Art’ and explored the semiotic meaning inherent in the use of signs and symbols in visual communication.

She participated in various exhibitions and was juried into the Sasol New Signatures exhibition (1994) as well as the SA Taxi Foundation Art Award (2015).   She later moved to Belgium, where she spent 16 years as a graphic designer.  The influence of French culture and language became important in her graphic explorations.

Her work has always involved books, book pages, strands of etymological meaning and dispersed pieces of information (found objects).  She is concerned with the postmodern exploration of layered texts (images, signs, symbols, words), printmaking processes, textures and ideas…. The primary focus remains pastiche, the marriage of disparate ideas, ephemera, etc.