Public Art :: Upper Valley Humane Society


In November 2014, AVA was delighted to partner with the Upper Valley Humane Society (UVHS) to create a new public art project.

Participants in the Fall 2014 Linocut and A Public Art Project!, taught by Josh Yunger, created blocks of their own original designs featuring animals as the subject. Using donated ink and paper, participants gifted some of their prints to the Upper Valley Humane Society. UVHS displayed the amazing artworks as ornaments on the tables at their 2014 auction, and presented them as surprise presents to the attendees. Hurray!

Check out these delightful prints.  Wow!



Public Art :: Lebanon Farmers Market Art Table

Farmers Market

Look for AVA’s free “plein air art studio” at Colburn Park during Lebanon’s Farmers Markets.

Weather permitting, AVA provides different art activities each Thursday between 4-7pm, so stop by with your whole family and make art with us!

And be sure to stroll over to see the exhibitions on Thursday evenings, too.  We extend our galleries hours until 7pm on Thursdays to share the shows with the community.  There is no entry fee to see the ever-changing artworks we have on display.

Public Art :: Windsor County Partners and Advance Transit, 2014

The three images above are taken from a series of delightful colored pencil drawings installed in Advance Transit buses in April 2014. The drawings were produced in through a collaborative process, where children and adults from Windsor County Partners worked with John Joline in an AVA class, funded by a grant from Mascoma Savings Bank.


Public Art :: Spooky Sculptures, Halloween 2013

Hidden Spooky Sculptures Made for Free Halloween Treats!

Participants in this fall’s Sculpture Modeling, Plaster Casting, and A Public Art Project, an AVA class taught by Ernest Montenegro, had a great time working with clay to produce original sculptures in clay. Once the final designs were completed, participants made molds from which they created a series of plaster-cast multiples. The plaster sculptures were then hidden throughout the PowerHouse Mall on Halloween-where children and families could find these surprise gifts of art during the mall’s annual trick-or-treating celebrations.


AVA wishes to thank the PowerHouse Mall, the sponsor of this Public Art Project.