AVA and the Valley News


The Valley News and AVA Gallery and Art Center invite you and your family to color, cut out, play with, share and enjoy prints made by local artists that are published in a large spread in the Saturday, September 10, 2016 newspaper.

The collaboration is part of an ongoing effort by AVA to put art directly in the hands of Upper Valley residents in partnership with local businesses and nonprofits—on grocery bags, on pizza boxes, on buses, and now—in the Valley News!

Pick up your copy on Saturday, Sept. 10 — and show us how you interact with the art!

Please tag @vnewsuv (Instagram and Twitter) and @avagallery_org (Instagram and Twitter) with the photos of your work, with hashtags #vnewsuv and #avagalleryandartcenter. You can also tag us on Facebook, too: Valley News and AVA Gallery and Art Center.

Have fun!

AVA Teen Street Art

2015 AVA Teen Street Art 1

2015 AVA Teen Street Art 2

2015 AVA Teen Street Art 3

2015 AVA Teen Street Art 4

In July 2015, teens in AVA’s Street Art camp, led by Christine Orcutt Henderson, researched the history of street art and created original paintings of their own design. The paintings will hang on the west fence of Lebanon’s Colburn Park through August 2015.

Spark! Community Art Center Prints


AVA Spark Public Art Print

During the spring of 2015, AVA’s Linocut and a Public Art Project class collaborated to create and donate a printmaking project to the Spark! Community Center. Natalia Callaghan, Edward English, Gwendolen Gensler, Bonita Libby, Todd Renninger, and Josh Yunger worked together to cut, ink and print two 24” x 36” prints of their building in the former Lebanon Junior High School.

Located at 75 Bank Street in Lebanon, the Spark! Community Center provides adults with special needs a valuable resource to positively affect all aspects of life. Many participants in AVA’s Art Lab program—our weekly art program for adults with special needs—are also active within the Spark! community, and the delightful relationships that have grown through the intersection of these two programs inspired this most recent public art project.



Public Art :: Lebanon Rail Trail

DSCN2395   DSCN2409

Take a walk, a run or a bicycle ride on the Northern Rail Trail between Spencer Street and Bank Street Extension and you will discover sculptures created by local youths and seasoned artists. These creations, which are primarily made from repurposed cardboard rolls, bring levity and play to the edges of the Rail Trail.

The participants in this project were Jeff MacQueen and Todd Renninger, Lebanon Middle School (LMS) art teachers; LMS students, Abigail Pauls, Chehalis Jones, Jillian Miller, Skye Gulledge and Brianna Arpaia; Janet Farley, Allison Flint, Nancy Maynard, Kelly McCarthy, Lucy and Eliza McLellan, Aimee Larson, Robin Weisburger and Althea Goundrey.


AVA Gallery and Art Center wishes to thank the participating artists for their imaginative projects, and the City of Lebanon and State of New Hampshire for encouragement and approval of making art part of everyday life!