Calling From the Moonlight, Group Exhibition, October 1-November 5, 2021

Kathryn Peterson, Thetford Forest Bathing, Ink on paper, 11×14, $400.00

Carter-Kelsey Lobby Gallery

Opening Reception, 5-7 PM, Friday, October 8, 2021

October is the Moon’s month. The moon, a seductive orb that speaks to our soul, we marvel at its shape shifting ability. Just saying the word “moonlight” out loud can throw us into a mystical reverie, hum tunes, or cause us to reminisce or romanticize; it inspires us to dream, imagine, and create. Artists were invited to submit work with themes on the moon, harvest, and dreaming.

Participating artists from NH, VT, MA, CA: Jane Ashley, Barbara Bartlett, Jim Bellisle, Dan Brenton, Linda Bryan, Sapira Cheuk, Anne Cogbill Rose, Elizabeth D’Amico, Greg Gorman, Deborah Hanson, Cindy Heath, Margaret Lampe Kannenstine, TylerAnn Mack, Elizabeth Mayor, Elizabeth Meyersohn, Karyn Neubauer, Dorothea Osborn, Travis Paige, Kathryn Peterson, Evelyn Roberts, Rebecca Rolke,  Adele Sanborn, Kathy Stark, Heather Stearns, Laura Tafe, Karla Van Vliet, Samantha Wiebkin, Arthur Zorn



Adele Sanborn, Have You Ever?, Assemblage, 8x20x6, $675.00

Laura Tafe, Swinging, analog collage, 12×16, $175.00