Bunny Harvey and Laurie Sverdlove: Conversation, July 30-August 20, 2021

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Bunny Harvey and Laurie Sverdlove: Conversation. Artist talk, Thursday, August 12, 2021 (please excuse the first few moments of the video, as we had a technical problem with the sound, which was quickly corrected).

Conversation, paintings and mixed media works by Vermont artists Bunny Harvey and Laurie Sverdlove. During their eleven-year friendship, they have had many lively conversations about everything from politics to music, from evolution to particle physics, and to family histories. This collaborative exhibition demonstrates the artistic conversation between good friends who share a broad curiosity about the natural and manmade environment and both the unseen and readily observable worlds. The exhibited works render layered realities and reveal the way in which time affects objects and surfaces. Both professional artists with interesting travels and extensive careers.  As artists, each have personal goals and explorations, and each has discovered and is continually evolving their lexicon to present ideas. Their work has been curated into groups and loosely organized around words and phrases offered as clues to, or reminders of, what might be exchanged; they open the conversation. These words are not illustrated by the paintings but are distillations of some references the artists have used as part of their studio life. The groupings are intentionally overlapping in many ways, and encourage the viewer to consider the notions presented, but also to ignore this verbal information and find their own purely visual connections. Their individual works speak to each other in ways that make for a special kind of conversation, not only as finished works to be seen as “art on the wall” but as two minds at work.

“We each read and study, we walk around and make notes and take photographs; we go to museums, galleries and to the woods. The groupings of words aren’t necessarily topics or even descriptive of the subject matter in the paintings but can serve as clues to discovering the connections we find interesting.”  – Bunny Harvey and Laurie Sverdlove

Bunny Harvey is a painter who grew up in New York City and Randolph Center, Vermont. She started painting in 1957, when she walked by the Art Students League in New York City and smelled the paint.  As a Fellow and frequent Visiting Artist of the American Academy in Rome, she has spent many years living and working in Italy, and traveling in Europe and North Africa, especially in Egypt. Currently, she has studios in Vermont, NYC, and Providence RI, where she attended the Rhode Island school of Design (BFA ‘67, MAT ‘71, MFA ‘72). Her most recent works focus on the survival tactics of wild plants in the urban environment, the parallels with human migration and immigration, and the language used to describe these struggles. Harvey is retired from Wellesley College, where she taught for 39 years. She is a devoted gardener, antique postcard collector, an enthusiastic cook and the proud mother of Nico Muhly, a lively and lovely composer. She lives in Tunbridge, VT with her husband of 54 years, Frank Muhly. To view Bunny Harvey’s work in the online gallery, click here

Laurie Sverdlove was fortunate to grow up in New York City with a world of great art easily accessible.  Summers offered a different and equally compelling world, as for ten weeks every summer she and her family lived in a small Adirondack cabin.  There were few organized activities, and from a very early age she was free to roam woods and rural lanes collecting plant specimens and learning their names. This duality of city and country has continued to enrich her life.  She lived for many years in the Bay Area and earned an MA and MFA at UC Berkeley while spending the decade working at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.  For three years, she lived in the rural outskirts of Pune, India absorbing a new landscape and studying Indian miniature paintings. Sverdlove now lives in rural Vermont, painting what is right outside her studio. To view Laurie Sverdlove’s work in the online gallery, click here

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