Bartlett, D’Amico, Fox, Osgood, June 18-July 23, 2021


E.N. Wennberg Gallery: Resilience: New Work by Barbara Bartlett, (winner of the 2019 Juried Exhibition)

Resilience, new work by Barbara Bartlett.   Barbara Bartlett grew up in the Chicago metropolitan area and pursued a career in special education and social work before following what had been a long- term interest in art. Her work has been exhibited throughout the country and in Australia and is represented in private and corporate collections in the United States, Europe and Australia. Bartlett initially studied watercolor and acrylic painting, but soon became drawn to printmaking. The aspects of layering and texturing it offered easily translated into mixed media, which has been the focus of her work for the past two decades. While still continuing to create two-dimensional pieces, much of her work has been three dimensional, using re-cycled or re-purposed material as much as possible. The Boston area was home for 30 years until she moved to Vermont in 2006, she now divides her time between studios in Vermont and Sydney.

“A love of nature greatly inspires my life as an artist. In recent years, the process of collecting and directly incorporating into my work a variety of natural materials – grasses, leaves, flowers, seed pods and various plant elements – has allowed me to experience how a simple object can be captured yet transformed through the creative process. My recent work explores this metamorphosed change, achieved through much joyful experimentation, largely through the process of eco dyeing. The materials used in this process include papers, fabrics and a variety of plants found in Australia and Vermont.” -Barbara Bartlett

To view the online gallery of Barbara Bartlett’s work, click here

Barbara Bartlett, artist talk: 6-7 PM, Friday, July 16, 2021. 



Rebecca Lawrence Gallery: Traveling Vicariously: Paintings, Mixed media collages, and Sculptures by Elizabeth D’Amico (winner of the 2019 Juried Exhibition)

Elizabeth D’Amico has taught art in both public and private schools on all levels, kindergarten through grade twelve.  Before becoming adjunct at Plymouth State University in 2002, she served as a mentor for PSU art education students.  After retiring in 2013, D’Amico is happy to remain active by creating and exhibiting her work as well as teaching occasionally.  She draws inspiration from nature and the beauty to be found there. Her focus is climate change and man’s involvement in it. She is interested in reclaiming and recycling and sees her work as being part of that whole process. D’Amico exhibits regularly in regional exhibitions and her work is in private collections locally and nationally.  As a professional musician and a contributing author to national art education magazines, her interests and involvement relate to areas beyond, but related to, the visual arts. She is an active member of the Women’s Caucus for the Arts, the Alliance for the Visual Arts (AVA) in Lebanon, NH and a signature member of the National Collage Society. Her education background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University and a Master’s degree from Columbia University with additional graduate studies at the Hartt School of Music.  She lives with her husband, Andrew, in Springfield, NH.

“For years I collected art history postcards from museums, gallery exhibitions, and most recently vintage postcards from my husband’s philatelic interests. Some of these cards have been incorporated into a collection of artwork from postcard-sized (4 x 6 inches) original art to larger paintings, mixed media collages, and sculptures.  The postcard-sized art also includes en plein air watercolors of places I have visited and hand-pulled relief and collagraph prints made for artist’s exchanges, but most are mixed media collage miniatures. The collection has evolved into a variety of themes using postage stamps and tea bags to create statements about climate change, nature studies and philosophical statements.” -Elizabeth D’Amico

To view the online gallery of Elizabeth’s work, click here

Elizabeth D’Amico, artist talk, 5-6PM, Thursday, June 24, 2021.


Clifford B. West Gallery: COMPOSITIONS. IN RED. WHITE. BLUE.: Photographs by Jon Gilbert Fox (winner of the 2019 Juried Exhibition)

Photographs by Jon Gilbert Fox.   Since he first had a camera in his hands at age eight, Jon Gilbert Fox has been using one as a tool to explore his world. From the dressing room with Liza Minelli to the dance studio with Mikhail Baryshnikov to the stage with Beverly Sills and offstage with Glenn Close, Fox has captured the moods of the entertainment world. From the streets of New York City to the alleyways of Morocco, and from the hills of Vermont to the rugged Northern California Coast, Fox has abstracted compositions of color and texture. Over the years he has freelanced for folk festivals, corporate reports, family portraits, hospital brochures, national park publications, author dust jacket portraits, bank advertisements, as well as innumerable portraits of the mighty and the lowly. Besides mounting one-man and group shows throughout the U.S., his photographs have been published in such diverse venues as U.S. News Report, the New York Times, House and Garden, Playboy, Vogue, Der Stern, Scholastic Magazine, Mandate, Vermont Life Magazine, Scientific American, Rolling Stone, Der Spiegel, Focus Magazine, the Washington Post, Conde Nast Traveler, as well as many other U.S. and world-wide publications.

“Over the years, as I have wandered from place to place around this country, as well as foreign climes, I have been attracted to that color combination, wherever found, producing photographs with those hues. I have stopped to capture them in American flags from coast to coast and glimpsed them in the burka-clad figures sitting in a quiet corner of Morocco. I have photographed the Red White and Blue as it was being honored, as well at times of desecration, and found it a powerful subject, even at its subtlest.  Despite that old adage that “these colors don’t run”, I have found that red, white, and blue tones have bled into our daily lives and our surroundings, tinting our experiences, and, at times, adding a touch of subliminal patriotism that caught my eye.  I hope that you will come along for the ride, and find yourself moved in whatever direction you are taken. The Red White and Blue I’ve come to know has no creed, credo, or dogma attached. It is simply freedom to see.” – Jon Gilbert Fox

To view the online gallery of Jon’s work, click here

Jon Gilbert Fox, artist talk, The Camera as Appendage*:  4-6PM, Thursday, July 15, 2021. Limited attendance and live Zoom.


911 on Vesey St, Reginald Vessey, egg tempera, 40×47, 2004-2019

Reginald Vessey, 1951-2019 (Post Humous Winner of the 2019 Juried Exhibition)

“An egg tempera painting of the memorabilia surrounding the fence of “The Little Church that Stood”, aka St. Paul’s Chapel, which survived unscathed as the World Trade Towers collapsed across the street on September 11th, 2001. Its location was on Broadway between Fulton and Vesey Street, and the artist’s last name is Vessey, coincidentally enough. A message? “Always remember the courage of 911” (We call it the “911” painting).” -Reginald Vessey. Reginald Vessey’s painting will be on view throughout the exhibition.


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Elizabeth Rowland Mayor Gallery: Mapping the Unknown: Monotype Prints and Paintings by Susan Osgood

Mapping the Unknown: Monotype Prints and Paintings by Susan Osgood. Growing up in rural New Hampshire, Susan Osgood thrived on the natural world around her and dreamed of faraway places.  This environment stimulated a heightened awareness, pure fascination, and deep curiosity, which continues to drive her creative process. Her paintings, monotype prints, and drawings are in corporate and private collections around the world.  Most recently, solo exhibits of her work opened at the Leipzig University Museum, Leipzig, Germany and Mitchell Giddings Fine Arts in Brattleboro, Vermont.  Her art has been published, she has lectured, held artist residencies, and received grants from a number of art foundations including the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation.  Susan Osgood received her BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design, a tour of Egypt gave her a taste for a culture rich with layers of history and art.  She worked as an artist on two special exhibitions for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts’ Egyptian Department, and then began working as an archaeological artist for the University of Chicago’s century-old project in Luxor, Egypt.  She has spent her winters in Luxor drawing the ancient monuments and artifacts ever since.  This experience continues to fuel and inspire her artwork in her studio in Luxor over the winter and in Brattleboro, VT the rest of the year.

“For me painting and drawing are forms of travel, giving the sense of being in unfamiliar territory and experiencing the wonder of discovery.  While feeling creatively adrift and wondering what direction to take next, I became fascinated with an ancient upside-down map of seemingly impossible geography.  Even though in its time it was considered accurate for nearly 300 years, I saw only lines—delicate, curving, changing course—dancing from page to page.  Discovering the map as a wonderfully enigmatic abstraction sparked my interest in the absolute grace and beauty of line and the concept of mapping.  I wondered if we would someday need a map of water; not a chart for navigation, but rather a diagram of its very essence, telling a mythological tale, a secret life of dark depths, and conveying its serene otherworldliness.  Mapping the Unknown is an invitation to step out of this busy world to follow fluid map-like lines resting on the surface and delve into the atmospheric depths beneath, to the place of not-knowing, where we are suspended for a moment in the timelessness of our curiosity and imagination.” – Susan Osgood

To view the online gallery of Susan’s work, click here


Susan Osgood artist talk: Charting Paths, Susan Osgood will talk about the inspirations and processes behind making the monotype prints and paintings in her exhibition Mapping the UnknownArtist Talk*:  6-7 PM, Thursday, July 8, 2021.



A Ghost of Water a collection of poems by GennaRose Nethercott in collaboration with Susan Osgood’s monotypes: Reading*/book signing: 4 PM, Saturday, July 10, 2021