Support AVA’s Annual Fund Drive

Please support AVA’s 2017/18 Annual Fund Drive

Dear Friends of AVA,

Together we continue to elevate the future of Arts and Sculpture in the Upper Valley. Join us in building on our major achievements of the past year by robustly supporting AVA’s mission in fiscal year 2017/18.

So many magnificent milestones have been achieved in the past twelve months:

  • The retirement of AVA’s mortgage on the Carter-Kelsey Building
  •  The completion and dedication of the Bente Torjusen West Sculptural Studies Building
  • The installation and commissioning of 140 Photovoltaic Solar Panels
  • The fit-out of the Bente Building with industrial quality equipment and life-safety systems
  • The re-build of AVA’s IT network and migration of data to the Cloud
  • The re-alignment of AVA staff roles and HR policies
  • The ongoing evolution of AVA Marketing Communications tools and formats

Despite this transformative evolution, AVA’s core commitment to community and the three pillars of our foundation – arts advocacy, inclusive accessibility, and environmental sustainability — remain constant. AVA continues to create deeply meaningful and much-needed opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to engage with art.

In just this past year AVA has:

  • Organized 17 exhibitions featuring over 350 local artists at AVA and off-site venues
  • Offered 150 seniors and special needs adults over 15,000 hours of studio art engagement
  • Welcomed over 15,000 visitors across our threshold
  • Provided 169 Art Classes / Workshops / and Art Camps serving nearly 1,100 youth and adults
  • And most importantly, contributed substantially to the vibrancy of our community

AVA Gallery and Art Center — and its mission — is more important to our community now than ever.

The world is changing around us. We know art often provides hope and healing, understanding and tolerance in turbulent times, yet art can also challenge us, taking us outside our comfort zone to think differently about our world. Equally important, art provides a social and economic driver to re-energize healthy, caring and sustainable communities.

Now more than ever, ART MATTERS! AVA’s opportunities signal a bright and exciting future with new collaborations, new programming, new sculptural workshops and new special events being planned. Help make Lebanon and the Upper Valley an arts mecca – a cultural destination attraction. Help us celebrate the future of Arts and Sculpture in the Upper Valley. Your fully tax-deductible contribution will help AVA help our community. Please give as generously as you are able. All gifts to AVA’s Annual Fund provide essential unrestricted dollars for our operations which support all we do for our community.

Make AVA part of your everyday life!

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Thank You from all of us at AVA!