Tony Luckino


Tony grew up in suburban Detroit and earned a fine arts degree in Interior Design at Wayne State University. He had a long and rewarding career in interior design services, primarily as the Director of Interior Design at Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill, MA. His introduction to pottery occurred in the 1980s at Mudflat, the leading center for teaching the art and craft of clay in the Boston area, where he took numerous courses in both wheel-throwing and hand-building.

Since retiring to Vermont in 2014 he has been able to concentrate exclusively on work in clay. In addition to taking further classes at Craft Studies and Earth Star Pottery, he has been working at both Craft Studies and AVA Gallery as a studio monitor and teaching assistant. Currently, he is serving on the Craft Studies Building Committee, playing a substantial role in the planning and set-up of their new facility in White River Junction.

Tony brings a focus on play and inventiveness to his work, usually expressed through unconventional shapes and surface treatments. Rather than imitating traditional forms or other artists, he follows his own path where the clay leads him.