Kevin Soraci

Artist Statement and Biography:

My goal as an artist lies in the pursuit of beauty. Through traditional representation, I find moments of beauty that point to something transcendent. My still lifes radiate with color harmonies and compositional wholeness, while my figure paintings and nocturnes explore the beauty of the human soul. My figure paintings relate humans and isolated interior spaces, uncovering the tension between a peaceful aloneness and a longing loneliness. My nocturnes explore the depths of the night and conceptually contend with sin and suffering, yet at the same time, through brilliant lights and colors, they convey hope. In all modes of my work, beauty is at the heart. 

Kevin graduated from Dartmouth College in 2018 with majors in studio art and engineering. He moved out to Montana after graduation and worked as a machinist for almost a year and a half, while producing paintings on the side. He is now back in the Upper Valley, working on his paintings and working in the art department at Dartmouth.


Featured Work

Kevin Soraci

A Still Life for the Pandemics


Kevin Soraci

Apples and Plums


Kevin Soraci

Plums and Lemons


Kevin Soraci

Since 1976