Judith Lerner


Judith Lerner is a colorist, exploring shapes formed by shadows and light, threading colors on their way from the gaudy to refinement.  Her perception of the richly patterned countryside focuses on a continuing investigation of the colors in nature and the seasonal changes, always filtered through imagination and memory.

As a landscape painter, her technique in gouache presents broad vistas as well as details, using her immediate environment of the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and travels.

Though best known for landscapes, she also produces paintings of botanicals and a book of seed paintings.

She has been a printmaker, an art director and designer, producing hundreds of covers for record albums and book jackets, illustrations and newspaper drawings.

She received her BFA from the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, and completed graduate work in Classical Archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Her paintings and prints have been the subject of many solo gallery and group exhibitions in New York, Boston, New England, Washington, D.C., and London; and her paintings have been represented in the U.S. Department of State’s Art in Embassies program.

Lerner is represented in public, private and corporate collections including the De Cordova Museum, the First National Bank of Boston (Bank of America), the Philadelphia Print Club (The Print Center), the New Hampshire State House, and the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont.

The Seasons, a four panel mural series of Vermont landscapes, was commissioned by the Vermont Council on the Arts, and is installed in the Franklin County Courthouse in St. Albans, Vermont.

Lerner moved to Lyme, NH in 1971 and joined the beginnings of AVA Gallery, as a founder, in 1973.

Work can be seen in the studio by appointment, on the website, and during Open Studios throughout the Summer and Fall seasons, and as currently represented by Burlington City Arts.

4285 Rt. 5 N   Newbury, Vermont  05051   802/866-5900



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Judith Lerner

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Judith Lerner

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Judith Lerner

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Judith Lerner

October Fields of Umbria

Judith Lerner

My Villa Livia Combo

Artist Statement:

I see art as the thread of life.

A journey with a companion.

Whether it’s being able to easily read the newspaper or the online screen because a designer has prepared it for you


Understanding history from a story or play


Feeling the moon glow and rise from a painting


Being transported by a bit of song


Feeling the magic in your efforts of dancing.

What’s life without Magic?

My art is a slow pour, an exploration of the mystery and weaving of nature in time and dimension, and color.

Come.  Take a look.  I will show you something I’ve discovered.

The details can be small, and a little bit off, maybe it is seeing what you are not aware you are seeing.