Heidi Lorenz

Artist Statement:

My desire to paint is rooted in the events of my life. Family, friends, animals, views along the way. Even a mundane moment becomes notable when the light touches it just so. My goal is to represent a feeling I once had and to develop my skill and understanding of two-dimensional representation. If in turn, this touches others, then I consider that a great artistic accomplishment. This exemplifies the idea that we’re not alone in our creative pursuit. Studio work is a solitary endeavor, yet we are together, all of us, on a wonderful journey! When that creative undertaking reaches out affecting someone else in their life and on their journey, it provides a beautiful sense of connectedness! Sharing my art is an absolute pleasure.


Featured Work

Heidi Lorenz



Heidi Lorenz

Shaded Bunny


Heidi Lorenz



Heidi Lorenz



Heidi Lorenz

Dressage Rider


Heidi Lorenz

Two Hearts One Love



Heidi, born in Muenchweiler, Germany, spent her childhood predominantly in the United Kingdom. Magnificent coastline & pastoral countryside enthused sensibilities toward horses, the sea & country. Heidi’s love of art formed early and illustrations in Anna Sewell’s “Black Beauty” shaped initial artistic impressions and love of horses. Summers were often spent in the United States and then academic periods in the United Kingdom. Early on Heidi would walk several miles in order to visit the “Red House Museum” to witness authentic works of art. As a teenager Heidi traveled further Later came the original oils by artist Lucy Kemp-Welch at the “Russell-Cotes Museum” & eventually Heidi would encounter the vast art & cultural scenes of London, Paris, NY & many other cities! Currently, Heidi enjoys farm life in Goshen, NH, USA and shares her farm with her son and his family, a couple horses, several dogs, cats, goats, and chickens.