Heather Stearns

Artist Statement:

My goal as a human is to upcycle & reuse as much as possible. My art materials are items from yard sales, thrift stores, second-hand home repair stores, and things gifted to me before being thrown away; I only use what I can find. It is important to me to utilize items that would otherwise end up in the landfill and bring the discarded back to life. Collage art gives me the ability to process my own emotions while exploring the idea that everything & everyone is connected.


Featured Work

Heather Stearns



Heather Stearns

False Awakenings I-III


Heather Stearns

Gogh Together


Heather Stearns



Heather Stearns




As a child, Heather’s creativity was expressed mostly through writing & drawing but something about collage always brought them a sense of purpose. They obtained a BA in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry for their own personal fulfillment while simultaneously pouring themself into careers other people envisioned for them. 

A near-death experience in 2017 rattled their spirit and grew into a very dark & unfamiliar depression that consumed them (while also changing the course of their life). In 2020 they began living for themself, which involved putting their energy into what their soul told them to do: make art. Since refocusing their entire life, they have been commissioned for both public and private collectors, shown in multiple art galleries, and have had one solo show.

Heather currently cuts/rips and glues in White River Junction, VT with their rescue dog, Marshall.