Carole Kitchel Bellew

Artist Statement:

As an artist I have come to realize that I do not enjoy working alone in a studio; so five of us have come together in Studio 207 at the AVA Gallery. We are all hand builders working in clay, but that is where the similarity stops. Each one of us is unique in what we are doing but share a love of doing it. I truly believe that one’s creativity is the key to one’s soul, our being together will not hold us back but just the opposite, the coming together of all that energy will feed us and take us to higher levels of understanding what we are trying to say in our work.


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Carole Kitchel-Bellew

Inside We Are the Same

Carole Kitchel-Bellew



Throughout my life I have come to realize that I am happiest when I am being creative. As a very tactile person I tend to prefer working in 3 dimensions for the feel of what I am working on counts for a lot of the pleasure. I attended the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, first majoring in ceramics then switching to graphics. In 1966 I worked creating gold and silver jewelry in a store in Harvard Square, Designers 3. In 1972 I opened my own store in Harvard Square, MA, Sunstar Jewelry. I took a hiatus from the late 70’s to mid-90’s being involved in creating and raising my 3 children. When my wonderful flock flew the coop I discovered stone carving, studying at the De Cordova Museum School in Lincoln, MA. In 2000 I met my current husband and dove into his world of publishing, putting my sculpting once again on the back burner. We moved to Piermont, NH in 2005 to be near my first grandchild. In 2015 our publishing company was no longer viable but as that door closed another one opened. I took a course from Karin Rothwell at The League of New Hampshire in order to work on a project that I wanted to create in clay. I am more of a sculptor than a functional potter but getting my hands back into the ‘mud’ made me realize how much I enjoyed it. For the last 5 years I have been working out of a studio/gallery in North Hartland, VT, Earthstar Pottery under the guidance of Barbara Lane. It has definitely been a challenge having to consider the limitations and practicalities of a piece which has a function rather than just letting my inner creative voice sing. Her teaching skills and strong support have opened my eyes to what I want to be doing, and have given me the desire and ability to pursue my creative career in my own studio at AVA Gallery with 4 fellow hand builders. Going forward no matter what medium I will pursue, I know for sure that the joy is in the creation whatever the end result.