AVA Staff and Board of Directors


You may email AVA’s Staff by clicking on their name.

Trip Anderson
Executive Director

Deborah Mashibini-Prior
Outreach Manager

Mila Pinigin
Exhibition Manager

Sheryl Trainor
Office Manager

Alicia Bergeron
Marketing Communications Manager

Roger Goldenberg
Lead Sculptural Studios Manager

Nick Gaffney
Altru Migration Project Manager/ Digital Arts Media Lab Manager

David Ernster
Sculptural Studios Coordinator

Dudley Whitney 
Sculptural Studios Coordinator

Murray Ngoima
Core Studio Instructor (Art-Lab and Senior Art)

Jennie Anderson
Core Sculptural Studio Instructor

Genevieve Bristol
Exhibition Coordinator

Abbe Murphy

Board of Directors

Andrew Garthwaite, AIA

Vice Chair
Cathy Volanakis

Dale Cunningham, CPA

Jill M. Mortali

Board Member at Large
Whit Kelley

Errik Anderson
Brad Choyt
Geraldine DeLuca
William P. Dunn
Wendy Fielding
Jennifer B. Hartman
H. Sloane Mayor, AIA
Alexis Nelson Schleicher
Paulette Werger