2021 High School Virtual Exhibition

Welcome to AVA’s 2021 High School Virtual Exhibition, Friday, January 22 to Friday, February 26, 2021.

Rather than having one juror choose the award winners, this year the public will vote for their favorites!

AVA has received nominations from 11 schools.  Participating high schools include: Hanover High School, Hartford High School, Holderness School, Kimball Union Academy, Stevens High School, Mascoma Valley Regional High School, Proctor Academy, Sharon Academy,  Thetford Academy, Lebanon High School, and Woodstock Union High School.

Please notice there are 6 categories: Drawing, 2D Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Wearable Art. Voting is limited to 15 votes total; you may vote for your favorite selections in any way you wish to distribute your votes, however, you are limited to 1 vote per entry.

2 ways to vote:

  • Hover over an image to see title, click on the star in the center of the bottom margin.
  • Click on the image for more information- artist name, medium, school. Click on the star at the bottom of image, left side.

As soon as you vote your vote is automatically submitted. There is no need to submit your votes again. To unvote for something, look for an image you’ve voted for and click the curved yellow arrow. Additionally, you’ll notice that each category name (below) shows up in darkened black, if you click on the category word it will lighten to grey, essentially turning it off. If you then click on each category word to lighten or turn off, you can then select a particular category by again clicking to turn it to black or turn on.

If you have voted for less than 15 images but your browser tells you that you’ve already used up your votes, we suggest opening the page in a different browser. We recommend Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (for Mac and iOS devices), or Microsoft Edge.

Lastly, you may notice that some artists have chosen to sell their artwork. If you are interested in supporting young artists through purchasing their artwork, please contact AVA Gallery at 603.448.3117, or email AVA’s Exhibition Manager Samantha Eckert: sam@avagallery.org.


The 2021 High School Exhibition has been generously sponsored by: