On Friday, February 15, AVA’s named galleries quickly filled up with people of all ages. Some arrived by the yellow school bus-full. All came to celebrate the artists whose work was selected for the 11th Annual Best of the Upper Valley High School Exhibition.

Featuring 120 artists representing 13 different high schools in the Upper Valley, the exhibition is an impressive showcase of the breadth and depth of creative young talent in our region.

The gallery was tinged with anticipation as the artists, their teachers, families, and friends awaited the awards ceremony, announcing the winners and honorable mentions in each of 13 categories, from analog photography and painting to woodworking and wearable art.

Morgan Freeman, Native American Art Fellow at the Hood Museum of Art, juried this year’s exhibition. Morgan encouraged participating artists to approach her after the award ceremony to discuss their work together. When Mila Pinigin, Exhibition Manager at AVA, asked for a round of applause for “all of the art teachers that made this event possible” the room erupted with cheers from students and families alike.

The show ends March 8, with a High School Art Portfolio Review Day from 10am–1pm. Come get lost in all of the talent!

AVA congratulates this year’s High School Exhibition winners in each category:

Analog Photography: David Hutchinson, “Honda,” Newport High School
Ceramics: Emilee Lenning, “Gurgling Fish Pitcher,” Hanover High School
Digital Art: Claire Yegian, “Horizons,” Hanover High School
Digital Photography: Victoria Michienzi, “Visibility,” Holderness School
Drawing: Nathan Stark, “The Teacher’s Desk,” Newport High School
Fiber: Poppy Tans, “Lady,” The Sharon Academy
Furniture: Ben Daniels, “Coffee Table,” Proctor Academy
Mixed Media: Oscar Fredette, “adikos,” Stevens High School
Painting: Ruoqian Chu, “Life Struggle,” Kimball Union Academy
Printmaking: William Jones, “Window to the Soul,” Mascoma Valley Regional High School
Sculpture: Brianna Nemi, “Untitled,” Stevens High School
Wearable Art: Aanan Merritt, “Contrasting Stone Set Earrings,” Hanover High School
Environmental Message: Alice Pham Le, “Whale in a Plastic Bottle,” Kimball Union Academy

Ceramics: Ruoqian Chu, “Pierced Vessel,” Kimball Union Academy
Ceramics: Jason Wolstenholme, “Zipper Mugs,”Thetford Academy
Drawing: Nicole Whatley, “Jerry,” Hartford High School
Drawing: Zoe Napier, “Brother & Sister,” Woodstock Union High School
Mixed Media: Aidan Doherty, “Play With Me,” Proctor Academy
Painting: Kate Lubell, “Me Under the Piano,” Hanover High School
Painting: Annie Zhao, “Jiufen Street,” Lebanon High School
Sculpture: Ella Shinnlinger, “Guardian of the Crystal Cage,” Mascoma Valley Regional High School
Wearable Art: Falcon Jaacks, “1860s Era Polonaise Paletot,” Hanover High School
Environmental Message: Fallon Lavertue, “Abeille,” Stevens High School

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