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Take a walk, a run or a bicycle ride on the Northern Rail Trail between Spencer Street and Bank Street Extension and you will discover sculptures created by local youths and seasoned artists. These creations, which are primarily made from repurposed cardboard rolls, bring levity and play to the edges of the Rail Trail.

The participants in this project were Jeff MacQueen and Todd Renninger, Lebanon Middle School (LMS) art teachers; LMS students, Abigail Pauls, Chehalis Jones, Jillian Miller, Skye Gulledge and Brianna Arpaia; Janet Farley, Allison Flint, Nancy Maynard, Kelly McCarthy, Lucy and Eliza McLellan, Aimee Larson, Robin Weisburger and Althea Goundrey.


AVA Gallery and Art Center wishes to thank the participating artists for their imaginative projects, and the City of Lebanon and State of New Hampshire for encouragement and approval of making art part of everyday life!