Thanks to generous support from private and corporate donors, 95 LED lamps were installed in AVA’s gallery spaces in early January, 2011. The 17-watt LED lamps have a lifetime of 45,000 hours, versus the 2,500-hour lifetime of the 100-watts halogen lamps that they replaced. The mercury-free LED lamps are particularly suited for the lighting of artwork, since they do not emit ultraviolet light, which over time can harm a work of art, unless it is protected by museum glass.  In addition, the lamps emit very little heat, which means more comfortable room temperatures during the warmer months of the year, since the summer heat in AVA’s building is controlled by shading, air exchange and natural cross ventilation rather than air conditioning.
AVA Gallery and Art Center’s Carter-Kelsey Building received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification for its 2006-2007 renovation of the former H.W. Carter overall factory. The organization continues to focus on new energy-efficient measures; the switch to LED lighting, which will result in an 83% power reduction for the gallery spaces, is one such initiative.
The LED lighting was made possible by a donation from Betsy and Greg Banks, in memory of Clifford B. West, a noted and longtime AVA artist, for whom the main exhibition space is named; by Woodstock Soapstone Company of West Lebanon, NH; by Leading Edge Design Group of Enfield, NH, as well as by a $3,500 incentive from National Grid. Defiance Electric of Enfield, NH installed the lights at no charge.