As dusk approached, a darker palette was gradually introduced. The changing seasons, as seen through the panes of glass, provide ongoing visual stimulation for our students. One of the most charming – and remarkably intricate – images was recently created by ArtLab student Travis Stover. On a Thursday afternoon in mid-October last year,  he installed himself with his paints and paper inside the glass door by the West Entrance, where he had a perfect view of the brick entryway outside, brilliantly bordered by gigantic sunflowers. Meticulously rendering each brick in pencil, and capturing the sunflowers as they neared the end of the season, Travis continued to work on this image every week in the South Studio until, in January, every brick had been carefully painted in various shades of red, every sunflower rendered in bright yellow, with stems and leaves in vivid green. One leaf is left unpainted—a promise of more to come… .

We invite you to follow “the red brick road” that leads you to AVA, with the myriad art programs and events for every age and ability!