Linda Roesch and Michael Kraatz help to install the donor wall.

The wall features 526 plaques, listing the names of all those who made AVA’s $4.5 million capital campaign for the building renovations succeed, including the names of 188 artists who created artworks for the benefit of this campaign. These works of art were created for the Building Blocks exhibition in September 2003, which coincided with the acquisition of the 11 Bank Street building, and the Waste to Art Exhibition in October 2007, which celebrated the completion of this amazing renovation project.

The May 23 event was also a celebration of all the remarkable volunteers who give so generously of their time and knowledge for the benefit of AVA and all that our organization is about.

During a sunny afternoon, more than 100 people gathered to look at the wall, to participate in building tours, to listen to music by “Green Room,” to enjoy four exquisite exhibitions, to savor delicious refreshment, and to listen to former AVA Chairs, Preston Kelsey and Linda Roesch, as well as AVA’s present Chair, Paulette Werger, and Executive Director, Bente Torjusen, giving thanks to all who made the renovation possible.

The Donor Wall installation was made possible by a gift from Linda and Rick Roesch.

Click Here to Download the Introduction given by AVA Gallery and Art Center’s Executive Director, Bente Torjusen, to the Donor Wall Inauguration and Celebration on Sunday, May 23, 2010.

Some More Pictures from the Event!


 The Donor Wall, fully-installed!


 Bente gives a warm and heart-felt talk about the Capital Campaign, the history of the renovation, and all the amazing people who were involved to help make it all happen!  Thank you, everyone!


Pete Kelsey proudly stands at the Donor Wall.