AVA is pleased to announce several other Public Art Projects for Fall 2009, and we invite you to participate. Lino-Cut Printmaking and A Public Art Project II! and Watercolor Painting and A Public Art Project! are listed in the Adults and Teens section of this publication, and Vibrant Color and a Public Art Project! in the Children and Teens section. In the spirit of collaboration and inclusiveness, these three classes, for all ages and abilities, are being offered at reduced cost. In a new partnership between AVA and Advance Transit (www.advancetransit.com), our free community public transportation service, the artworks produced in these sessions will be displayed on buses throughout the Upper Valley. Imagine not only gaining new skills in an AVA art class, but also having created “moveable art!” This is a great way for us to come together to beautify our community and to make art a part of our daily life in the Upper Valley!