Green Buildling App

Download AVA’s Green Building Tour App!

As of December 9, 2011, AVA Gallery and Art Center has what is believed to be the very first application—or “app”— focusing on a “green”  building project, namely the initiatives that were taken in 2006-2007 to make the renovation of AVA’s Carter-Kelsey Building a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold-Certified project.

We proudly invite you to click here and download the Free AVA LEED App to your iTouch, iPhone or iPad.

Special thanks go to Barbara Jones and Eric Richardson for their conceptual and technical development of this project; to Patrick Luteran, 2010 AVA intern and an architecture student, for developing part of the verbiage used in this app; to C. Stuart White, Jr., AIA, for all his professional advice and for the writing of specific segments; to Brandy Zarle and Tim Rush, New York City-based actors who, while performing this fall at Shaker Bridge Theatre in Enfield, New Hampshire, donated their time and expertise to record voice-over for part of the app’s audio; and to the Highfield Foundation for funding this project.

Thanks to the support of Systems Plus Computers, curious visitors can also take the AVA LEED tour on iPods that are available, and can be signed out for loan, from the AVA office.

2011 HACC Business Innovator of the Year Award

The Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce Honors

AVA Gallery and Art Center with

The 2011 Business Innovator of the Year Award

"AVA, under the dedicated eye and creative mind of Bente Torjusen, has evolved into a critical contributor to the cultural, economic and lifestyle dimensions of the Upper Valley. It has brought disparate people and organizations together to help shape what has been transformed from a tired local art facility to a regional center where people of all ages and experiences can pursue personal interests that continue to elevate the profile of the arts in the Upper Valley. AVA’s impact in our region… and beyond… is awe-inspiring."

—Excerpt from the 2011 Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce Business Community Leadership Awards Program

Please click here to see the beautiful two-page feature article from the program.